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New Gran Turismo Sport Patch 1.13 Is Now Available

Sony recently released the new Gran Turismo Sport patch 1.13 to be downloaded by eager fans! The new update is set to include 12 new cars, a couple new tracks, and a few more GT League events for lovers of the franchise to enjoy! Gran Turis...

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Second Print of Bloodborne Comic Announced

Following the wild success of the Bloodborne comic, produced and printed by Titan Comics, the company is set to release a second print of the original issue. This news also comes complete with what fans have all been waiting for: a second i...

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Compete in Street Fighter V AE with Red Bull Conquest

Get ready to throw punches in the all new Red Bull Conquest tournament heading to the United States starting in April! From April 28th to November 18th you can have a chance to claim victory in several official SFVAE tournaments strewn acro...

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The Beast Inside Demo Preview

Delve into the mind-bending psychological horror game that is The Beast Inside, as you discover the horrors of your past that are trying to claw their way back inside! Is this another cheap attempt at the horror genre? Or, is it something e...

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Pit People Launches this Friday! Goodbye Early Access!

The turn-based strategy co-op adventure title Pit People is set to be released this Friday, March 2nd for PC and Xbox One. Take a look at what's in store for those who have been eagerly awaiting this announcement! Pit People comes from...

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H1Z1 has Officially Launched out of Early Access!

Players have been waiting for this day for ages. The popular battle-royale shooter H1Z1 has officially launched today and brings with it some incredible updates and promises for the future! Let's dig in and see what this entails. H1Z1 has n...

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Horizon Zero Dawn Receiving Discount on Playstation Store

The wildly popular Horizon Zero Dawn is now 30% off for all Playstation 4 owners and has been slashed to 35% off for Playstation Plus members! This deal is exclusively for the Complete Edition which includes the Frozen Wilds DLC which relea...

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For the King Receiving 2019 Console Release

The popular rogue-like tabletop RPG is coming out of Steam Early Access in April! The developer and publisher is also working with Curve Digital to bring console ports in 2019 to all 3 major platforms, with a promise that the launch version...

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Hatsune Miku VR Release Date Decided!

Get ready to practice your rhythm with the long anticipated Hatsune Miku VR, as it has been officially confirmed to release on March 8th globally for PC! The action-rhythm game will feature 5 of the most popular songs from the talented Hats...

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H1Z1 Servers Coming Down for 16 Hour Update

Gamers have been patiently waiting some time now for the Z1 map update for the popular battle-royale game H1Z1, and they might not have to wait much longer! An extended 16 hour H1Z1 server update is taking place from February 27-28, leaving...

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The Fall Part 2: Unbound Review

Become Unbound and control your fate in The Fall Part 2: Unbound! Test your puzzle-solving skills in this interesting yet challenging action-platformer. Follow the AI character ARID as she struggles to uncover the mysteries behind her exist...

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