Persona 4 Golden Is Coming to PC

Is there going to be a Persona PC port? It seems so. Reports have indicated that the previously PS Vita exclusive, Persona 4 Golden, is coming to Steam. Released in 2012, Persona 4 Golden became one of the only real reason to buy a Vita. Now, it looks like Sony's handheld can finally rest in peace now with this Persona PC port.

Persona 4 Golden Is Coming to PC

Along with multiple sources talking to Gematsu, the most significant confirmation of the Persona PC port was the SteamDB listing for Persona 4 Golden, complimented further with an icon and banner. SteamDB developer, Pavel Djundik, also confirmed this himself via Twitter.

The official announcement will reportedly take place at the PC Gaming Show 2020, scheduled for the 13th of June. Industry analysts Nibel and Daniel Ahmad seemed to additionally confirm that both the announcement and release of the Persona PC port will take place on the same day. 

Does this mean that we may see Persona 4 Golden on PS4 as well, along with what appears to be a new line of Persona PC ports? It’s easy to think so, given the instant money-maker it would be thanks to massive hits that Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal were. There’s no official word yet, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for any updates. 

Persona 4 Golden: E3 Trailer

Persona 4 originally came out on the PS2 in July 10 2008, before Persona 4 Golden came out as an enhanced port exclusively for the PS Vita on November 20, 2012. It not only resulted in a massive sales boost in PS Vita units, but sold over 700,000 copies worldwide as of December 2013. Will this Persona PC port see its own sales surge? Almost definitely.

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