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New Snacko Trailer Reveals Updated Release Date, Now Coming to Switch

Snacko, the upcoming farm-sim involving a community of cats, received a new trailer detailing an updated release date and Switch designation. Shown during the recent Wholesome Direct, the game now has a 2022 release window after being previously slated for August of 2021.

New Snacko Trailer Reveals Updated Release Date, Now Coming to Switch Cover

Upon the success of its Kickstarter back in May of 2020, cat-tastic farm sim Snacko has received some new information that is sure to get people excited. As shown during today’s Wholesome Direct, the game will now be available on the Nintendo Switch, albeit with a new 2022 release window. As noted by the Kickstarter page’s pledge rewards, the original estimated release date was August of this year.

The game stars Momo and Mikan, two city kitties who leave for a new life on a “seemingly deserted island.” You will be tasked with building a home/community from the ground up, finding meaning in life born anew. Per the Kickstarter, Snacko is inspired by genre classics such as Rune Factory and Harvest Moon, which will no doubt allure players fond of those two series.

Developed by Bluecurse Studios, consisting of a husband and wife team, Snacko has been in active development since 2018. The game will be published through Armor Games Studios, which has published a number of indie titles new and old.

Snacko - A Farming Cat-venture 🌱 Coming to Switch & PC 2022

If interested in following development on the game, you can follow the official Snacko Twitter account or subscribe to their mailing list via their official website.

The title is also available to wishlist on Steam.

Are you looking forward to Snacko‘s Switch release? Did you see anything else from the Wholesome Direct you were interested in? Let me know in the comments below!

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