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Upcoming Indie Farm-Sim Snacko Launches on Kickstarter

The Wholesome Direct, broadcast today to showcase some cute-as-heck games, has revealed a new trailer for Snacko, as well as news that it's launched a Kickstarter and is partnering with Armor Games Studios. While only a tentative August 2021 release date is set for the title, the news should have people excited for this cute, Stardew-Valley-esque spin on the farm-sim subgenre.

Upcoming Indie Farm-Sim Snacko Launches on Kickstarter

With the impact that Stardew Valley has had on the indie game scene, further titles were bound to follow in its path. Enter Snacko, an upcoming farm-sim that hopes to bring the same kind of relaxing impact. Thanks to today’s Wholesome Direct broadcast, we now know that Snacko has officially launched on Kickstarter. With over $1,000 already pledged at the time of writing, Snacko may reach its $30,000 goal well within its month-long goal.

Along with the Kickstarter, the developers at Bluecurse have partnered with publisher Armor Games Studios to produce a Kickstarter trailer, which can be seen below. Armor Games Studios has published a number of successful indie titles, such as ITTA, Pinstripe, and Jet Lancer.

Snacko is on Kickstarter!

Paraphrased from its Steam synopsis, Snacko involves playing as former city kitties Momo and Mikan, who have started a new life on a “seemingly deserted island.” Promising mystery and adventure, the player will be tasked with building a community and figuring out how the island came to its current state. With the ability to fish, craft, farm, care for animals, and explore, there will be no shortage of things to do in this cute foray into the simulation genre.

According to the Kickstarter, the game is scheduled to release in August of 2021, but the date is not concrete.

Snacko is currently available to wishlist on Steam.

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