New EU4 DLC Focuses on Scandinavia and the Baltics

Paradox Interactive’s new DLC is bringing the ‘Europe’ back in Europa Universalis 4! In an extensive developer diary, the Swedish game studio has announced that the next EU4 DLC will focus on Scandinavia and the Baltic region, alongside a detailed revamp of the Teutonic Order and its famous historic successor, Prussia.

New EU4 DLC focuses on Scandinavia and the BalticsScandinavia was on many fans’ minds as a top contender for a revamp. Although far from underdeveloped, the region has fallen behind over time as other areas in Europe gained various DLCs specifically focused on them. Against this background, many EU4 fans have predicted that a future DLC would likely concentrate on this region. Last week, Paradox Interactive already officially teased the arrival of the DLC with an image of the Vasa, a 17th-century Swedish warship that famously sank during its maiden voyage. 

The Northern Europe DLC will be the latest expansion to the game following the release of the Origins DLC in November 2021. Paradox confirmed that various mechanics introduced in this DLC will return in the next expansion as well. This includes branching missions, special units, religion-specific content, and ‘on-the-edge’ high-risk high reward nation experiences. 

Europa Universalis IV: Origins - Release Trailer

New EU4 DLC features a major Teutonic Order revamp

The dev diary that Paradox released today focuses less on Scandinavia and more on a historic state in the Baltic, the Teutonic Order. 

Historically, the Teutonic Order declined fast in the 15th century. However, the future DLC will allow fans to pursue various alternate history paths with the monastic order. After defeating Poland, the Teutonic Order can choose to reform into Prussia or transform into a maniacal crusader state. The Prussian missions offer players the chance to expand into Germany either militarily or diplomatically. Players can also choose to carve out a kingdom in the Baltic area instead.

On the other hand, the crusader option features the Teutonic Order doubling down on its Catholic and monastic traditions. This way, it can become a powerful crusader state in the east of Europe. When the Teutonic Order conquers the Orthodox nations and takes over the vast Eurasian Steppe, it can transform into a brand new government type, the Holy Horde.

Aside from these changes to the Teutonic Order, the upcoming EU4 DLC will feature revamps for the Anglican, Protestant, and Reformed religions. It will also feature an updated set of missions for the Livonian Order.

As of the time of writing, there is not yet a release date for this expansion available. You can read the entire dev diary here.

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