Europa Universalis IV: Emperor Out Now! A Look Inside The Massive Update

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor is the new expansion for the massive strategy game by Paradox Interactive. Along with a lengthy free update, the expansion adds a ton of new content and reworks some issues. Here we go over the major updates in the expansion from new religion mechanics to updated revolutions that can bring your country to its knees.

Europa Universalis Emperor Expansion Art

Europa Universalis IV is a massive and incredibly complex strategy game where you play as a real-life country and guide it through the ages. The game starts in the year 1444, goes through the exploration and expansion ages, and ends in 1820. Your goal is whatever you like from expanding through warfare, diplomacy, or by colonizing the wilds. The Emperor expansion, along with the free Austria update, aims to make that massive empire you created a bit more dynamic and also changes the mid-game to throw some more hurdles at the player and the AI. Here is a quick break-down of some of the most important changes in the absolutely massive update from Paradox Studios.

The most important thing to know about this expansion is that the focus is on the European region with some small updates to areas around the globe to match and also give them more flavor. Additionally, be prepared for the European countries to feel a lot different as some sweeping changes to The Holy Roman Empire, Papacy, and revolutions have happened. Let’s start with the changes that affect almost every country and work towards the more specific updates.

Estates are completely reworked and are no longer a tacked-on side feature. Before, if you even interacted with them, estates were just a series of clicks you did to get a few bonuses, and that’s about it. Now they are another force inside your country that represents how well different kinds of people like your rule. Estates have different wants and desires that clash with each other and you have to try and keep everyone as happy as possible or they will have your head.

Europe Universalis IV map

Europe Universalis IV map

Revolutions have been adjusted, and every country now has the ability to have revolutions inside it instead of just a few per game. Revolutions also have more depth to their end goals, and the player is given more ways to deal with them to either help them succeed or quash them where they stand.

Hegemonies are a completely new addition to the game and come in to answer the “what now?” question when your empire has dominated the region and is looking at the world at large. Hegemonies are rewards for accomplishing astounding feats like sitting on a mountain of gold, having a giant fleet, or a standing army larger than the population of most countries. Expect these to be powerful boosts that are worth going after and are achievements you might not get to every play-through.

Now onto the more specific updates for the European region. The Papacy has been completely changed. Now the pope has more control over which countries are given cardinals and is also given a few tools to help with diplomacy; like dealing with collecting tithes from Christian nations and the papal treasury. The nation that controls the pope is also given better bonuses and influence with other Christian nations making becoming the controller of The Curia that much more important. 

Adjacent to the pope, The Holy Roman Empire has some extensive changes. The general idea is that the HRE can now be played in a few different ways, the two biggest being consolidating power to the emperor or solidifying itself as a republic of nations. Expect the HRE to look completely different from game to game and be more interesting and fun to deal with as an outsider and be a part of it.

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor - Announcement Trailer

Finally, the last major addition in the expansion is updated country-specific missions and events. These new missions and events are one of the many ways the game makes different countries feel different. They can completely change how your country is played and gives you goals, so the game has direction. Not all events are good for you, and some can be devastating but give you a challenge and great rewards if you can survive. Paradox has said that 20 countries have been given new unique mission trees, and there are tons of new events that can happen.

Europa Universalis IV is available for PC, and the Emperor expansion can be purchased on Steam, Green Man Gaming, and the Paradox Store for $19.99.

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