New Blood Announces Fallen Aces

Tommy guns at the ready as Fallen Aces, a noir inspired FPS has been announced at this years Realm’s Deep. Developed by Trey Powell and Jason Bond the game will see players embarking on a tale of corruption, betrayal, and dames to kill for.

New Blood announces Fallen Aces Cover

Developer New Blood Interactive has announced Fallen Aces, a brand-new retro-inspired FPS set in Switchblade City. The game will feature a noir styled story of crime, corruption, betrayal and plenty of kicks to the unmentionables.

The tile is being developed by Trey Powell and Jason Bond and will feature hand-drawn sprites created by Powell to give the game a comic book aesthetic. The game will allow players to choose if they want deal with their foes stealthily or all guns blazing. Whilst the game is an FPS the trailer does show a fairly robust melee combat system; including but not limited to beating gangsters with pipes, slicing throats, and kicking one into a moving tram. New Blood Interactive will be publishing the title.

New Blood Presents... "Fallen Aces" (Reveal Trailer)

In addition to Fallen Aces New Blood Interactive also announced a new expansion for AMID EVIL titled The Black Labyrinth. This expansion is a prequel to AMID EVIL and will feature new worlds, new enemies, and weapons for the title. There is also the brand-new Mamma Mia Flesh Palace for DUSK which will be releasing as part of the game’s launch on the Switch. Mamma Mia Flesh Palace is a new endless map which takes inspiration from Princess Peach’s castle from Super Mario 64 and the trailer for which features a cavalcade of (likely unauthorised) sound effects and music from Mario 64

Fallen Aces and the other game’s expansions were announced at Realms Deep; an online only convention hosted by 3D Realms (Duke Nukem, Ion Fury). The two day event featured a range of new game reveals from a range of developers including Nightdive Studios who revealed more gameplay of their upcoming remake of System Shock and announced a remake of the 1998 FPS SiN. There was also Running With Scissors who announced their brand new POSTAL: Brain Damaged game. 

Fallen Aces's combat looks suitably brutal

Fallen Aces’s combat looks suitably brutal

Currently there is no release date has been set for Fallen Aces with the title’s Steam store page merely stating that it is ‘COMING SOON’.

Are you looking forwards to the release of Fallen Aces? Will you be going in guns blazing or stealthily? Let us know in the comments and be sure to like the page and share the article with your friends!

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