POSTAL: Brain Damaged announced at Realms Deep

A brand-new instalment in the crazy and often controversial POSTAL franchise has been announced at this year’s Realm’s Deep. POSTAL: Brain Damaged will be a retro inspired Boomer Shooter and looks like it’ll be just as wild and puckish as ever!

POSTAL Brain Damaged announced at Realms Deep

Developer Running With Scissors has announced a brand new title in their popular POSTAL franchise. POSTAL: Brain Damaged is set to be a retro style FPS and sees the return of Postal Dude in another wild adventure of high-octane action and very low brow humour.

POSTAL: Brain Damaged will see Postal Dude trapped in a mysterious asylum battling off a range of deranged freaks and patients as he tries to fight his way to freedom. Is it all a nightmare? Could it be the result of Postal Dude taking something he hasn’t? Are we in an alternate reality? We won’t know until the game launches in 2021. POSTAL: Brain Damaged will be the first title in the franchise to be a ‘Boomer Shooter’; this is a sub-category of FPS which aims to replicate the fast-paced, skill based, and often gory gameplay style of shooters from the 1990’s. Personally I think ‘Gen-X Shooter’ would be a more accurate term but who am I to judge?

POSTAL: Brain Damaged - Announcement Trailer

The game’s Steam listing boasts that Postal Brain Damaged will be a Stage-based, Old-school single-player shooter with POSTAL’s signature crude and dark humour, plot twists, and plot holes!

The POSTAL Series launched in 1997 and since then has had four sequels (We don’t talk about the third one) and a feature film by German film director Uwe Bole. Its second instalment is regarded by some as being one of the worst video games ever, a title that the developers proudly display as a badge of honour on the POSTAL 4 Steam page. Be sure to check out our review of POSTAL 2 to see what we think today! In 2019 the fourth game POSTAL 4: No Regrets was released on early access on Steam and the original title was released as a freeware title by Running With Scissors.

Honestly there are very few images of POSTAL: Brain Damaged that I can share that aren't too NSFW, so... erm... enjoy!

Honestly there are very few images of POSTAL: Brain Damaged that I can share that aren’t too NSFW, so… erm… enjoy!

POSTAL: Brain Damaged was announced as part of 3D Realms’s Realms Deep; a digital convention dedicated to Retro Inspired ‘Boomer Shooters’. The event featured a range of new game reveals from developers large and small including developers such as Nightdive Studios (System Shock, the DOOM 64 and Turok remasters) and New Blood Interactive (Amid Evil, DUSK, Gloomwood, ULTRAKILL). But it wasn’t all fun and game as the event was also about raising money for the charity Child’s Play via stream donations and through the sale of exclusive merchandise.

Are you excited about the reveal of POSTAL: Brain Damaged? Are there any other games from Realms Deep that you are looking forwards to? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to like and share the article with your friends!

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