Meet Your Maker Announced, Releasing in 2023

Behaviour Interactive's work portfolio is probably best known for Dead By Daylight and its many crossovers with the likes of Halloween, Resident Evil, Nightmare on Elm Street, and more. This time around, Dead By Daylight takes a backseat for Behaviour to reveal their next big project, Meet Your Maker.

Meet Your Maker Announced, Releasing In 2023

Behaviour Interactive’s probably best known for making Dead By Daylight currently, as that title continues to see updates even now. Though, the development studio isn’t solely focused on Dead By Daylight updates and content; actually, they announced a brand-new title earlier today, named Meet Your Maker.

Revealed at their first-ever Behaviour Beyond live stream, this game is completely separated from Dead By Daylight and other projects, and players take control of their own Custodian of Sanctuary in the vast wastelands. Almost everything has been devastated, and pure genetic material is a finite resource everyone is fighting for. Players are tasked with stealing it and building fortified strongholds to protect it. You can watch a brand-new trailer for Meet Your Maker below.

Meet Your Maker - Official Reveal Trailer

Meet Your Maker also allows players to raid similarly-fortified strongholds to steal genetic information, but are met with traps to avoid and enemies to fight in a first-person shooter gameplay style (akin to Borderlands 3 or Destiny 2). Co-op appears to be a feature within the game, and you can team with another player to infiltrate these vast strongholds to find the treasure inside. Building complex strongholds may be the key to defending the genetic information you’ve obtained (or stolen), and the game looks to offer you lots of tools to do so.

A big part of Meet Your Maker, the creation, is unique in the fact that virtually every dungeon in the game is player-made, and player-explored, giving the game a unique feel that can be driven by the community playing it. 

As for Meet Your Maker‘s release date, there’s merely a 2023 release window, nothing specifically concrete. It is, however, slated to release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. A closed beta is set to be released at a later date.

Source: Behaviour Interactive on YouTube and GameTrailers on YouTube.


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