Mecharashi: The Upcoming Mecha Strategy RPG

From the studio behind Langrisser Mobile comes their latest game currently in production, Mecharashi. The project will be a tactical strategy role-playing game where players will utilize a squad of customizable mechs and fight in turn based mode.

Mecharashi: The Upcoming Mecha Strategy RPG

Mecharashi is a new title in the works by BlackJack Studio. Formerly known as Front Mission 2089: Borderscape, Mecharashi is a tactical strategy role-playing game set in the near future. Players will command a group of mercenaries armed with mecha units through a world with widespread conflict. 

BlackJack Studio is a Chinese developer and subsidiary of publishing company ZlongGames. The studio is most known for their work behind the very successful Langrisser Mobile, the mobile adaptation of the Japanese strategy RPG masterpiece, Langrisser. Though Mecharashi gameplay has yet to be shown, it’s looking as if there will definitely be some recognizable gameplay mechanics.

Despite once being a part of Square Enix’s Front Mission IP, Mecharashi will be an independent work with no association with the series. There will be a limited test phase happening early next year for Chinese players. Through WeChat and a questionnaire, players can preregister for early beta testing for Android as of now.

Mecharashi 钢岚 - Game teaser trailer (former Front Mission mobile game)

A global release of the game is also in the works. The official website for Mecharashi is accessible in English, and BlackJack Studio has mentioned it has plans to release the game on multiple platforms. Mecharashi will be playable on Android, iOS, and PC.

The release date for the game has yet to be announced. However updates will be posted as soon as they come, so stay tuned.

Source: Former Front Mission Mobile Game Gets Rebranded

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