Mario Tennis Aces Going Free-to-Play For a Limited Time

Want to play Mario Tennis Aces? Now is your chance. Nintendo has announced that its hit tennis game will be going free-to-play for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers for a limited time. The free version of the game will be available from August 7-13 in North America, Europe, and Japan.
Mario Tennis Aces Going Free-to-Play For a Limited Time

Mario Tennis Aces Going Free-to-Play For a Limited Time

Nintendo has announced that Mario Tennis Aces will soon be completely free-to-play for a limited time.

From August 7 to 13, anyone with a Nintendo Switch Online account will be able to access the full game for free. The offer will be available to all subscribers to Nintendo’s online service in North America, Europe, and Japan. To celebrate this deal, the game will be on sale for 30% off from August 7 to 20. Better yet, players will be able to carry their progress from the free version into the full game. The announcement was made via the company’s official Twitter account, which can be seen below.

Mario Tennis Aces first released in June last year to massive commercial success, going on to sell more than two million units. We absolutely loved the game in our original review, scoring it a coveted 10 out of 10. However, the game hasn’t stayed in the spotlight since its first release, with it often being overshadowed by some of Nintendo’s following major games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Hopefully this free trial will help bring the game the attention that it deserves.

If you’d like to be fully prepared for the free trial period, don’t forget to check out our top 5 tips to become a pro at the game in no time.

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