5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Game In Mario Tennis Aces

Having trouble playing against the pros online? Maybe you just want to improve your zone shots or trick shots. With our tennis intermediate guide, we’ll help make those impossible shots you see online easier for you.

Mario Tennis Aces Intermediate Guide


Mario Tennis Aces was released 5 weeks ago, and many players are enjoying themselves with friends or playing online. But many players find themselves in a bind online. Not only do you have to worry about what character someone uses, but you also have to worry about their skill level too. Standard tournament mode may seem intimidating at first, especially when you haven’t played your first online match yet. But fear not! We have 5 tips for you, that will help make your stay on Mario Tennis Aces a little easier.

Mario Tennis Aces Intermediate Guide - Those Trick Shot Effects Look Cool!

1. Practice Your Zone Shots

If you play online a lot, you’re going to want to make sure you practice your zone shots. Because if you don’t know how the zone shot mechanics work and your opponent does, it will be a lot harder to win the match. Zone shots occur when you run into the glowing stars on the court and press R. You can aim either with gyro-controls or aim with the analog sticks. These can appear depending on the charge shots you or your opponent use when returning the ball. You will also want to keep in mind what each shot does when you go for a zone shot. Flat: shots have a massive speed increase, Topspin: ball bounces higher, Dropshot: the ball drops earlier and bounces less, Slice: the ball has a tighter curve, and Lobs let the ball curve while flying higher in the air. Paying attention to this will help improve your tennis game on the court.

Mario Tennis Aces Intermediate Guide - Luigi Bringing His Best Today

2. Keep an eye on your energy gauge

Some people think this is an obvious thing, but a lot of people don’t remember to watch their energy online. Some people don’t use their energy at all, which may be good if you have a strategy in mind but it’s there for a reason. If you run around with no energy and your opponent sees that – then you will run the risk of having to block zone shots or specials in real time. Your chances of hitting these without energy are very low, especially if they know how the specials work. To always have a good amount of energy I recommend having a balance of trick shots and charge shots. This could also help you take control of a match if the other player is putting on too much pressure.

Mario Tennis Aces Intermediate Guide - Zone Shot Taking Place

3. Make sure to use more trick shots and properly

If you plan to play a lot of standard mode, you need to be able to trick shot. You might win some rounds without using it, but if you plan to get far in these tournaments, unless you can track balls well I highly recommend it. Not only will trick shots give you energy, but they also help you hit shots you wouldn’t normally be able to reach, especially if you have no energy. Keep in mind, hitting the trick shot at the wrong time will spend energy. Depending on which trick shot you do a different shot will come out. If you do a forward trick shot you will get a dropshot, a back-trick shot will give you a flat shot, and a side trick shot will give you a topspin shot.

Unless you plan on playing a lot of simple mode, knowing how to do trick shots and when to do them is important. You can easily achieve a trick shot by double tapping the right thumbstick. Once you master this technique you will have a better edge against the newer players online and some of the pros as well.

Mario Tennis Aces Intermediate Guide - Back Trick Shot Taking Place

4. Paying attention to the opponent’s behavior

This is an important step that people forget, even with all these techniques and specials you need to be able to understand what your opponent is doing. Players online may use similar characters, however, the way they play the game can be vastly different from how other players you met online might play. For example, some Boo players might start their games with their curve shots. They have a huge curve radius, so naturally, people might want to start with that. But that doesn’t mean every Boo match will end up that way and as more players get used to their characters they will try different strategies. So, what should you do?  Well, you might get away with some matches trying to anticipate the other person’s shot. But if they’re expecting you to do that based on knowledge you already know, like their character or different play styles online, they might be expecting you to do that. So, you’re going to have to react to the situation live. If someone is trying to bully, you hard in a match try different spacing or adding more trick shots into the mix. You’d be surprised, how many people can get overwhelmed with a different change of pace. Even something like changing what shot you’re using to counter theirs can make the difference.

You are going to see a lot of people using similar players because of the “meta” the game is based on, but don’t think they are impossible to beat. There are ways to handle these different characters and counter them. Depending on which character they use, you will get a better idea of how the character is played just by knowing their role and from playing against the character. There are certain ways you will notice how people like to play these characters. If you see a Bowser Jr. player, for example, trying to throw you off by moving closer to the court. You might want to try throwing in some trick shots with your plays because he will most likely try to beat you in a game of power. Keeping these tips in mind will help keep you going in the higher rounds.

Mario Tennis Aces Intermediate Guide - Double Team Gameplay

5. Keeping your cool

A lot of these strategies were more in-game tips – but this tip is more for your mental state when playing. When you have someone in a match taking over the game don’t panic. If you panic you might do some unexpected moves, but if your opponent notices that they will take advantage. You must stay calm, so you can see their strategy, it won’t be easy to notice if you’re angry or nervous. This might seem straightforward and simple, but it’s a different story when the match is close to ending and you are down 2 game points. Even if you are about to lose, you’ll have a better chance focusing on the opponent then just hitting the ball with a frantic pace.

Mario Tennis Aces Intermediate Guide - Smug Smirking Petey


Mario Tennis Aces has simple mechanics, but online matches can be difficult for a lot of people, especially if they don’t know how to fight certain characters. Hopefully, some of the tips in this guide help more players with their multiplayer matches.

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