Mafia: Trilogy Announced; Includes Mafia and Mafia II Remasters

2K's beloved Mafia series is getting the remaster treatment with the recently announced Mafia: Trilogy. This bundle will include both the first Mafia and Mafia II remasters alongside the more recent Mafia III, and will release on current generation consoles as well as PC and Stadia.

Mafia: Trilogy Announcement; Includes Mafia and Mafia II Remasters

With almost no warning, the Mafia Twitter account sparked back into life on Mother’s Day. People speculated about the tweet, most not being able to contain their excitement of a new entry in the franchise being developed or the idea of a Mafia II remaster recently leaked by a Korean rating board. However, we now know that Hangar 13 aren’t simply giving us one Mafia game, but three.

Mafia: Trilogy will include both Mafia and Mafia II remastered as well as Mafia III. The recent trailer also revealed that the game is set to be released on current generation consoles as well as PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) and Google Stadia, suggesting that we’ll see a full release before the introduction of next-gen consoles later this year. The trailer also prepares fans for further announcements on May 19th.

However, thanks to a Microsoft slip-up, these new Mafia games may be closer than we expected. Due to a listing on Microsoft’s official storefront (which has now been removed) we got glimpses of the impressive-looking Mafia remaster as well as more details on the Mafia II remaster. Apparently, we could see the latter release as early as next week, and that it will be released with all previous DLC included.

Mafia: Trilogy - Official Teaser

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