Let It Die Hits 3 Million Downloads

Free-To-Play Online Action Game Let It Die Hits More Than 3 Million Downloads. The Milestone Was Reached Within Half A Year From Its Release.

Let It Die Hits 3 Million Downloads
Grasshopper Manufacture free-to-play hack and slash game recently went over the 3 million download mark. As of Monday 15th of this year, the chaotic survival action game that released exclusively on PS4 late last year now boasts quite a sizable online community. The developer is hard at work in order to continue bringing more content to what may be considered a pretty successful free-to-play online experience.

Let It Die was developed by the makers behind both Lollipop Chainsaw and No More Heroes. This game, however, takes place in a post-apocalyptic Japan. Players work their way through a treacherous tower by acquiring stronger weapons and more powerful armor. One must find creatures and mushrooms in order to stay alive. If one dies, their "death data" turns into a formidable foe for other online players to combat in a somewhat similar vein to that featured on Team Ninja's Nioh.

The multi-million download mark is a feat in its on right and is likely to give wings to this free-to-play title as games of this genre often get into trouble. Kill Strain developed by Sony's San Diego studio comes to mind as an example of the difficulties that a free-to-play game has in maintaining a strong online community. Kill Strain released before Grasshopper's game on July 19, 2016 while Let It Die saw the light of day on December 3rd, 2016. However, its the developer of Kill Strain that is shutting down that title's servers less than a year later on July 1st of this year according to twinfinite.net. Showing that it's clearly not an easy genre to take on.

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