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Let It Die Hits 3 Million Downloads

Free-To-Play Online Action Game Let It Die Hits More Than 3 Million Downloads. The Milestone Was Reached Within Half A Year From Its Release. Grasshopper Manufacture free-to-play hack and slash game r...

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How to Defeat the Dons

Looking for information on how to defeat one or more of the four Dons in the free-to-play game, Let It Die? Of course you are! Why else would you be here? Scroll down below for all the information you...

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Let It Die Review (PS4)

Hey Senpai! Ready for a totally awesome hack and slash game for the PS4 that wont cost you any money!? You do…? Then "Let It Die" is just a download away. Try to reach the top of the Tower of Barbs by...

7.2 Good