James Gunn Responds to Snyderverse to Netflix Campaign

Fans have tweeted out a campaign to try and continue the Snyderverse DC movies over on Netflix. However, James Gunn has responded to the fans and it sounds like this plan is a pipe dream. There are no plans to continue the older movies in the DC franchise.

James Gunn Responds to Snyderverse to Netflix Campaign

Ever since James Gunn and Peter Safran were appointed to be the bosses of DC movies, many fans of the old regime were disappointed. This is because the duo had no intention of bringing back Henry Cavill as Superman. Not to mention they wanted to do their own stories and ignore what Zack Snyder was doing in the past.

As reported previously, fans were outraged and they tweeted out a campaign to have Zack Snyder continue making DC movies on Netflix. As crazy as this sounds, many fans are hoping Warner Bros. licenses the DC movies so Netflix could let Zack Snyder continue his Justice League story. His story sadly just ended with one movie, and no conclusion was ever filmed. 

James Gunn has now responded to his campaign on Twitter and has confirmed that Netflix hasn’t expressed any interest in buying the DC license from Warner Bros. He also mentioned in another tweet that Zack Snyder supports Gunn’s choices and he’s busy doing his own movie called Rebel Moon at the moment. You can read the tweets below.

As of right now, James Gunn is taking things slowly as a future Justice League movie has yet to be announced. The first DCU movie starts with Superman: Legacy which will star a younger actor to play the role of Kal El/Clark Kent. Neither Henry Cavill nor Ben Affleck is expected to come back to play Superman and Batman respectively.

The Flash movie is set to reset the DCEU universe which could explain why the two aforementioned actors cannot come back. That being said, some remnants of the old DCEU will continue as an Amanda Waller TV series is being developed in the near future. Waller will still be played by Viola Davis.

Zack Snyder's Justice League | Official Trailer | HBO Max

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