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Inside Look at DONTNOD’s Vampyr

New info on the long awaited horror action RPG, "Vampyr," releases in the first part of a webseries exploring the upcoming game. Unique breeds of vampires stalk the London streets in the title from "Life is Strange" developers, DONTNOD.

Inside Look at DONTNOD's Vampyr
As part of a web-series, Life is Strange developer, DONTNOD, sheds some light on the protagonist and monsters of Vampyr (don't worry, it doesn't burn up from the light). Vampyr takes place in 1918 London amidst a Spanish flu. The player will have to make tough calls of who to save and who to sacrifice in order to combat his own ailments and recent vampiric affliction.

The episode marks the first of a four part mini-series, with a new episode releasing every Thursday. Vampyr is set to release in Spring of 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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