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Vampyr - A disappointing beast

Vampyr: A Disappointing Beast

The subject of Vampirism has been an underused trope in an industry still obsessed with zombies, which is what made Vampyr such an enticing prospect. But, ultimately, this promising RPG lacked the bit...

Vampyr and Call of Cthulhu Coming to Nintendo Switch

Both Vampyr and Call of Cthulhu, games published by Focus Home Interactive, are currently in development for the Nintendo Switch. However, no release date has been revealed at this time. Focus Home In...

Vampyr Review

Embrace the monster within in the story-driven RPG that is Vampyr! A game that breaks a long vampire game drought and serves a gothic and dark section of London as your playground. So was it worth th...

8.7 Great
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Inside Look at DONTNOD’s Vampyr

New info on the long awaited horror action RPG, "Vampyr," releases in the first part of a webseries exploring the upcoming game. Unique breeds of vampires stalk the London streets in the title from "L...

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New trailer for Vampyr has been released

See more of the deception that surrounds Dr Jonathan Reid is the new trailer for Vampyr titled 'The Darkness Within'. Dontnod have released a new trailer called 'The Darkness Within' fo...

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Vampyr – pre-Alpha gameplay unveiled

Vampyr Awakens with 15-Minutes of Pre-Alpha Gameplay from the Crypt. Investigate the people of London, and peer through their bodies to see the quality of blood that flows through them. The past week&...

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DONTNOD released Vampyr’s E3 trailer

DONTNOD Entertainment's third game, Vampyr, has finally got its trailer! Revealed at E3, the video about the upcoming masterpiece shows us the dark world of London after the World War I. DONTNOD Enter...

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Vampyr – Nové screenshoty

Na veřejnosti jsou nové screenshoty z připravovaného RPG Vampyr. Hru vytváří vývojářské studio DontNod, které má na svědomí populární tituly, jako například Life is Strange, nebo Remember Me. Nov&aacu...

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DONTNOD talks about their upcoming game Vampyr

Vampyr is the next game coming down the pike from DONTNOD and it will be set in London, England during the Victorian Era. Recently, Examiner has interviewed the developer of Vampyr, DONTNOD. The game ...

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