Indie Metroidvania Outbuddies Releasing on Consoles

After seven years of continued development, Outbuddies was fully released on Steam in October of last year. Now, it's coming to modern consoles. Dubbed Outbuddies DX, the game will feature all the updates it received since its initial release to provide a polished adventure for oncoming players.

Indie Metroidvania Outbuddies Coming to Consoles

The indie representation on modern consoles will be getting a new member soon. Julian Laufer, creator of indie metroidvania Outbuddies, has announced on Twitter that his game will be releasing on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One consoles as soon as this week. A PS4 release will follow afterwards.

Repurposed as a “DX” version, the game will include every update since its release on Steam, as well as “vastly improved visuals,” according to publisher Headup Games. Including present time, Laufer has spent over seven years developing and patching the game on his own. He joins developers such as Thomas Happ (Axiom Verge) and Joakim Sandberg (Iconoclasts) as solo developers spending multiple years developing a game as a passion project.

According to the game’s Steam profile, Outbuddies was inspired by classic gaming titles such as Super Metroid, CastlevaniaSuper Mario Bros. and Mega Man. A general synopsis will follow:

Run, gun and explore an open undercity in this otherworldly non-linear Metroidvania adventure about the Old Gods, strange creatures and the remnants of a lost world!

OUTBUDDIES DX - Console Announcement Trailer

If you wish to know our thoughts on the game’s early PC build, be sure to read our Outbuddies review!

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