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Outbuddies DX Review: Echoes of Improvement (Switch)

Originally released in 2019, Outbuddies has returned with extra detail to most modern consoles, highlighted by the DX moniker. Where does it stand now among the halls of the indie metroidvania hits of...

8 Great

Indie Metroidvania Outbuddies Releasing on Consoles

After seven years of continued development, Outbuddies was fully released on Steam in October of last year. Now, it's coming to modern consoles. Dubbed Outbuddies DX, the game will feature all the upd...

Outbuddies Review: 6 Years in the Making

After 6 long years, Outbuddies has come forth. Inspired by the likes of Axiom Verge and Super Metroid, this passion project propels the Metroidvania to new heights—underground. With emphasis on underw...

7.5 Good
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