I Am Dead Announces New Trailer and Release Date

I Am Dead, an indie puzzle adventure from publisher Annapurna Interactive, has released a new trailer with a release date of October 8, 2020. I Am Dead will be coming to the Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam, where it's currently discounted for preorders.

I Am Dead Announces New Trailer and Release DateThe charming puzzle adventure game I Am Dead from Annapurna Interactive, Richard Hogg, and Hollow Ponds, an indie developer who created Loot Rascals, is now available for pre-order and has been given an official release date, which isn’t too far off. 

Players will find themselves on the beautiful island of Shelmerston and will assume the role of Morris, the curator of Shelmerston’s museum. There’s one catch, though: Morris is dead. He has some ghostly powers and is using them to track down other ghosts on the island, with the help of the spirit of his dog Sparky. In I Am Dead, players must uncover the disaster that threatens the tranquility of Shelmerston and stop it before it destroys Morris’ beloved island home. The upcoming indie game will be a unique experience about exploring the afterlife.

I Am Dead will debut this fall, very shortly on October 8th. The game will be coming to PC and the Nintendo Switch. Players can purchase the game for PC through Steam or the Epic Games Store, or for the Switch via the Nintendo Store. On Steam and the Nintendo Store, I Am Dead is currently marked down for preorders by ten percent, and the offer looks to end on October 15th. 

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