Gears of War Feature Film and Aminated Series are Coming to Netflix

Netflix released an announcement that Gears of War will be getting a feature film and adult animated series. Over the years the Gears franchise has been no stranger to other mediums but breaking into movies and television has proven difficult. The streaming giant aims to change that.

Gears of War Feature Film and Aminated Series are Coming to Netflix

Gears of War is arguably one of the biggest franchises exclusive to Xbox consoles. The fifth-numbered title in the franchise was released a little over three years ago. A spin-off, Gears Pop!, came to mobile nearly six months later. Since then, all has seemed quiet when it comes to the hive. Now, more Gears is coming, but not in the form of new games. Instead, COGs will be coming in the form of a new Gears of War feature film and adult animated series from Netflix.

Gears of War in Other Mediums

The Gears franchise is no stranger to adaptations in other mediums. Eight novels have expanded the world of Gears from 2008 through 2021. There have also been multiple comic book series following characters, new and old, as they continue to fight for the future of humanity. In 2011 Fantasy Flight Games released an official cooperative board game set in the universe.

Image of the game tiles and miniatures from the Fantasy Flight board game.

Image of the game tiles and miniatures from the Fantasy Flight board game.

Fifteen Years of Film Talks

Initially, New Line Cinema announced a Gears of War movie in March 2007. During Comicon 2008, a writer, Chris Morgan, said the film would be a prequel to the video game franchise. Gradually, that project disappeared.

In 2013 Variety released a report that Stuart Beattie was set to write the movie with Scott Stuber producing. Still, they were actively seeking additional support for the project. Three years later, Rob Fergusson announced that Universal Pictures was developing the film adaptation with Scot Stuber and Dylan Clark producing. The following year it was reported that the movie would no longer connect to the games but take place within the universe.

Gears of War Coming to Netflix

Another half of a decade passed without much development news on the Gears of War movie. Now, sixteen years after the first game was released and fifteen since the initial film announcement, Netflix tweeted about the upcoming projects. According to the tweet, the feature-length film will release first, with an adult animated series to follow.

No further information has been released, but Netflix tends to move quickly. There were just shy of two years between the official announcement and release of Netflix’s Resident Evil series. During that time, there was a steady stream of reports. All left is to wait for the next steps in the Netflix Gears of War marketing cycle.

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