Gears 5: Everything You Need to Know About Operation 4

Following the departure of Rod Fergusson, The Coalition is making some drastic new changes to Gears 5. Along with more characters and maps, the upcoming Operation 4 update will rework ranks and in-game currencies. The update drops next Tuesday on July 14 with Operation 5 later in the year.

Gears 5 Operation 4

The release of Operation 4 for Gears 5 is just around the corner with a heap of new content and changes.

Titled Brothers in Arms, OP 4 finally sees the return of everyone’s favourite co-op buddy, Dominic Santiago. Dom was a major character for the first three installments of the series and has been sorely missed ever since.

And therein marks the first significant change introduced by The Coalition, each of the new characters will not be available in PVE modes. The decision was made so that the team can introduce more characters at a faster rate by sacrificing the unique abilities used in Horde and Escape. 

While this may be disheartening for those PVE Gears out there, The Coalition reassures that a new revamped version of character abilities will be coming in Operation 5. How players will be able to unlock these characters will change as well. Gone are those pesky totems, instead, unlocking any costume for a particular Gear or Swarm will make that character freely available.

Operation 4 will also change up the ranked system for something “more clear and fun” with some changes to the games Tour of Duty battle pass system. As well as changes to players’ rank, a new form of currency is being introduced intended to simplify the current Scrap/Iron. A new form of earnable currency called “Gears Coins” will replace Scrap and be usable in the revamped in-game store.

Gears 5 Operation 4 Teaser | Xbox

The next and most exciting news is that more maps will be coming to Operation 4 and 5. The Coalition admits that Gears 5 had been lacking in the new map department and has dropped their “tile” development of maps. While new maps are on their way, we may not see a significant increase until Operation 5 given that these maps will takes upwards of six months to complete.

The team at The Coalition have been incredibly open with the community for What’s Next in Gears 5 with some thrilling things to come in the future. Let us know what you think! Are these changes enough to keep the chainsaws revving?  

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