Episode Atlantis Chapter 3.5 out for Uncharted Waters Online

New content reaches the shores of Uncharted Waters Online. Chapter 3.5 introduces exciting new discoveries & quests.

Episode Atlantis Chapter 3.5 out for Uncharted Waters Online
OGPlanet sets sail with their latest Episode Update for Uncharted Waters Online, the most expansive historical MMO currently in service. With this update, “Episode Atlantis Chapter 3.5: Americas”, Uncharted Waters Online expands the world of Atlantis and the Americas, with more story quests, new discoveries, game improvements, additional farm locations, and more.

More Atlantis Story Quests

Those who have ventured through the world of Atlantis are provided with more contents and opportunities. Additional quests have been added to Atlantis, unlocking more mysteries yet to be discovered. Only the brave and fortunate voyagers, who have already discovered Atlantis, will be able to take on these added quests.

New Discovery Quests in Latin America

Users can expand their horizons and venture deeper through the lands of Latin America. New Discovery Quests have been implemented which introduce new areas, creatures, species, and plants to brave explorers.

Ability to Locate Quests Based on Destinations

Finding new quests have now become easier, as voyagers are able to view quests within a specific map region. With the support of Quest Mediation Permits, sailors are able to plan ahead while ensuring their ship is sufficiently equipped for the travels ahead.

New Private Farm Location

Voyagers are now able to unlock and produce new trade goods with the newest private farm location. This newest addition provides voyagers with a fifth location to farm a wide variety of trade goods, and further cultivate their growing business, or to expand and improve their ships.

For detailed information, view Episode Atlantis Chapter 3.5: Americas for full update details. New players looking to explore the open seas can sign up here.

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