Could We See A Silent Hill Reveal on July 12th?

According to an industry leaker on Twitter, a new Silent Hill game will be unveiled globally on the 12th of July at long last. If this leak is real, the most likely candidate is the Silent Hill game allegedly being developed by Bloober Team.

Could we see a Silent Hill Reveal on July 12th?

Silent Hill fans have been starved of new entries in the classic horror series for a long time. Thankfully, that may all be about to change if a recent Twitter leak is to be believed. The leaker claims that we will be treated to a worldwide Silent Hill reveal on Tuesday the 12th of July. Konami will allegedly unveil the next entry in the franchise on this date.

The video in the linked Tweet above uses the phrase, “global reveal,” meaning that the game won’t be announced in Japan first despite coming from a Japanese company. Not much else is shown in the leaked teaser video, other than some particle effects which blow away to unveil the ‘Halo of the Sun’; a logo which is synonymous with the Silent Hill series.

RebsGaming is the name of the leaker who posted the supposed teaser video. Looking back through RebsGaming’s previous information leaks, they look to be fairly accurate for the most part. Elsewhere, in the comments section below the initial Tweet, RebsGaming gave an update which read as follows:

Update: This was first posted on a Japanese forum, however the post has since been removed. Leaker claims it was from a Konami shareholder meeting. I can’t confirm if this is real yet. I’ll let you all know asap.

If this really is the worldwide reveal of a new Silent Hill game, it will be celebrated by fans of the series, given how long they have been waiting to hear any official information. Back in May of this year, we reported on another Twitter leak which included some screengrabs, potentially from Bloober Team’s upcoming Silent Hill project.

It still has not been officially confirmed that Bloober Team are developing a Silent Hill game, although it has been said that they have partnered with Konami to work on a project together. Given the established horror-based pedigree of Bloober Team the obvious collaboration would be a new Silent Hill title.

The images leaked in May, apparently showing screengrabs of Team Bloober's Silent Hill game.

The images leaked in May, apparently showing screengrabs of Team Bloober’s Silent Hill game.

If an announcement does take place on July 12th, it will most likely be the reveal of Bloober Team’s Silent Hill game, although it should be noted that it could potentially be the announcement of a separate Silent Hill project. Some people may even be hoping that Konami could be gearing up to announce the revival of P.T.

For those out of the loop, P.T was a playable teaser released in 2014 by Konami to tease the upcoming Silent Hills game from Hideo Kojima, starring Norman Reedus. Guillermo Del Toro was also involved and the game promised an utterly terrifying horror experience like no other.

What could have been...

What could have been…

The Silent Hills project was sadly cancelled the following year, due to the fallout which Kojima had with Konami. Mr Kojima has since gone on to create the PlayStation exclusive Death Stranding, also starring Norman Reedus. Death Stranding was developed under Kojima’s new studio; Kojima Productions.

With that said, some rumours still persist that Hideo Kojima could be working on some form of a Silent Hill title. Some claim that Hasan Kahraman of Blue Box Game Studios is a pseudonym for Hideo Kojima. It is speculated that this is a marketing ploy, similar to how Kojima originally teased Metal Gear Solid V, before it was revealed to be an MGS game, under the name Joakim Mogren.

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Kahraman and his team are working on a first-person horror game called Abandoned and have been teasing the game for months via their Twitter account. The teases have included references and imagery, which do call to mind Silent Hill. However, the most likely scenario is that Blue Box have simply taken inspiration from the hugely influential Silent Hill franchise.

Abandoned - Announcement Teaser | PS5

This is the reason why this most recent leak likely has nothing to do with Hideo Kojima or Hasan Kahraman. Instead, the teaser video is more likely to pertain to the Silent Hill game which Bloober Team have been allegedly working on for a while now.

What do you make of this supposed leaked teaser video? Do you expect to see anything be announced on the 12th of July, or do you believe this to just be another fake leak? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, or you can hit me up on twitter linked below.


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