Hideo Kojima Ditched a Game Concept for Being Too Similar to The Boys

Although a video game adaptation of The Boys hasn't yet been attempted, Hideo Kojima feels that its high-profile position in the current pop culture landscape is too great for him to attempt a video game following a similar premise.

Hideo Kojima Ditched a Game Concept for Being Too Similar To The BoysLegendary game developer Hideo Kojima has revealed that he once had an idea for a game that would have taken a satirical look at superheroes in a similar way to The Boys. Kojima divulged the information via his Twitter account on the 26th of June, after which he disclosed some additional information with regards to the canned project.

The Boys was originally a comic book series written by Garth Ennis, which ran from 2006-2012. However, it was due to the popularity and success of the TV adaption on Amazon Prime Video that Kojima decided to abandon the concept in question. According to the tweet, his idea was, “put it on hold”, due to the fact that the “concept was similar”, to The Boys.

In the first part of the tweet, Kojima stated that he initially only watched the first three episodes of the first season of The Boys before giving up on the show. However, he eventually decided to go back and watch the remainder of the show. It was apparently during this time that he began to notice the similarities between the two concepts.

Kojima also stated that this would have been a game with a buddy system revolving around a team of male and female characters. This team would function as a kind of special detective squad. The squad would be led by a character played by Mads Mikkelsen and they would square off against a team of world-renowned superheroes.

This idea does undoubtedly sound as though it shares many similarities with The Boys. However, Kojima did also make sure to note that his story would take place in a different setting and have various fresh “tricks”, up its sleeve. He also mentioned that this is an idea which he has had brewing for a long time.

Elsewhere on his Twitter account, Hideo Kojima gave a brief review of The Boys showcasing his thoughts on the show this far. His highlights include the show’s use of black comedy and how the show chooses to focus on morally grey characters in a genre which is usually so black and white. He also gave props to the dramatic heights that the show manages to reach.

We most recently heard from Mr. Kojima earlier this month during the 2022 Xbox & Bethesda Showcase. During that livestream, he announced that Kojima Productions will work on a brand new exclusive title for Xbox consoles and PC. Whilst the details of this project were kept purposely vague, Kojima did state that the game will make use of “Microsoft’s cutting edge cloud technology”.

In other Kojima-related news, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus possibly let it slip that a sequel to Death Stranding is in development. Reedus starred in the first Death Stranding game as Sam Porter Bridges. After being asked a Death Stranding-related question, he responded; “we just started the second one”.

Shortly after Reedus’ very public slip-of-the-tongue, Kojima posted the above image on Twitter, echoing a famous scenario from The Walking Dead. In the scene, a villain called Negan threatens to kill Norman Reedus’ character with a baseball bat. The caption on the tweet read; “Go to your private room, my friend”, effectively confirming the existence of Death Stranding 2.

Another tweet that could potentially be relevant to this story is the one linked below. Speculation was raised when this tweet was put out back in June of 2021 that a video game based on The Boys could potentially be in the works. Who knows, maybe a collaboration between Amazon Studios and Kojima Productions could be on the way?

What do you make of Hideo Kojima dropping this game idea? Does the idea of a game in the style of The Boys sound appealing to you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, or you can hit me up on twitter linked below. 

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