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Bugsnax Devs Give Details on How the PS5 DualSense is Being Used

In an interview with Phil Tibitoski and Kevin Zuhn from Young Horses reveals how Bugsnax will use the PS5 DualSense. The controller features adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will further the immersion of the cute island that players will be on. The devs also go into how the light and speaker of the controller will be used to fully utilize every feature.

A Bugsnax native

The game that has become a wholesome meme that has spread across the gaming community will take full advantage of the tech from the next-gen PlayStation. Phil Tibitoski and Kevin Zuhn from Young Horses, the developers of Bugsnax, gave details on how the PS5 DualSense controller will be used to IGN.

Vibrations in controllers are nothing new, but the haptic feedback is something else, according to Tibitoski.

“In our game, being in first person, running on different terrain, jumping in and out of water or running into bugsnax, you can feel the difference between running on grass versus running in water versus running on sand or snow,” he said. “There’s weather in our game and if there’s a thunderstorm and things of that nature, you can feel where the sound is coming from through the vibration.”

A Bugsnax

There will be some weird creatures in Bugsnax

You will use bait to capture Bugsnax, the creatures found in this world. The studio will use the DualSense’s adaptive triggers to further its goal of delivering an immersive feeling.

“[We’re] even using the light on the controller to display how endanger you are of a bugsnak escaping from a trap. We’re also using the adaptive triggers,” Tibitoski said. “Different traps have different functionalities and some of those are best exhibited through, tension in those triggers or rumble in them to make you feel like you’re really using them.”

Features from the PS4 DualShock will appear with the DualSense like the light on it and the speaker on the front. The speaker will join the triggers and light to enhance the experience of capturing these odd creatures. Each one has its own unique sound, which the speaker will highlight as you capture them.

Not much is known about the upcoming indie game. Players will be in the shoes of a journalist who has been invited to Snaktooth Island, where you will find the half-bug half-snack creatures, Bugsnax. The explorer who invited you, Elizabert Megafig, is missing, and the island is a disaster. It is up to you to help the natives.

Bugsnax - Announcement Trailer | PS5

You will get to experience the infectious theme song and everything Tibitoski and Zuhn talked about when it comes to the feeling of the PS5 DualSense controller in Bugsnax this holiday season when the PS5 launches along with PS4 and PC. Pre-orders are currently not available.

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