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Young Horses Reveals New Info on Bugsnax

The president of Young Horses has revealed new info on Bugsnax, a cute game revealed at the PS5 event. It is a first-person adventure game that takes place on Snaktooth Island, a place inhabited by edible creatures known as Bugsnax. It looks like it will be a lighthearted mystery game for all ages.

Bugsnax cover.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal event which took place on the 11th of June 2020 has been a massive success. It showcased the PS5 to millions of gamers around the world and gave a sneak peak at upcoming PS5 games. There was a plethora of AAA games revealed which include Horizon Forbidden West, Resident Evil Village and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. However, there was a smaller title that appeared that stood out thanks to its colorful artstyle and whimsical nature. That game is Bugsnax. It is developed by Young Horses, the same studio that brought us Octodad. Thanks to an interview the President of Young Horses, Philip Tibitoski, has done with US Gamer, we now know have new info on Bugsnax.

Bugsnax - Announcement Trailer | PS5

According to Tibitoski, Bugsnax is a first-person adventure game. Players take the role of a journalist who visits an island inhabited by Bugsnax which are “half-snack half-bug creatures”. Although you are invited to the island by someone named Elizabeth Megafig, when you arrive you discover that she cannot be found. The remainder of the game involves solving the mysteries of Snaktooth Island and what happened to Elizabeth Megafig.

The game looks like it will be a treat for children, but that does not mean that older audiences will not enjoy it too. Tibitoski explained that their intention with Bugsnax was to create something that would fall within the “Pixar range” and would be enjoyable to all ages.

Bugsnax looks cute and interesting.

Bugsnax looks cute and interesting.

While revealing new info on Bugsnax, Tibitoski explained that the game will take advantage of the PS5’s next-gen technology and the new features of the DualSense controller. Thanks to adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, controlling your character will feel different depending on the terrain you are traveling on. This is sure to heighten immersion. As Tibitoski explains:

It makes a big difference in the game, whether it’s running through a stream of water or, when trying to catch a Bugsnak, it being in your trap and finding ‘oh, is it trying to escape?’ You can feel how intense it is and how close it is to escaping.

Some screenshots suggest there may be a darker side to Snaktooth Island.

Some screenshots suggest there may be a darker side to Snaktooth Island.

Bugsnax is set to release on PS4 and PS5 in 2020’s holiday season. With a catchy tune that has infected even the Head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, it is sure to be a fun time.

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