Atmospheric Adventure, Ghost on the Shore, Revealed by Like Charlie

Like Charlie, the creators of award-winning Marie's Room, have created another atmospheric adventure in which mystery and emotion take the forefront, sure to entice players who love a game with a rich story and an atmospheric feel.

Described as ‘an exploration game about emotional ties that transcend even death’, this story-rich atmospheric adventure focuses on the emotional bonds we share with people and our feelings towards death. Play as a young woman called Riley, venturing through a desert island with Josh, a ghost trapped by his surroundings, unsure of how he died and what led to his death. It is up to Riley to explore the abandoned homes of the islanders, search through the letters and memories of those long gone, and uncover what led to Josh’s demise.

Ghost on the Shore is a choice-based game where the decisions you make will determine the outcome of the story. As well as this, the dialogue choices a player makes decides the bond you share with your ghostly companion, Josh. This in turn also decides Riley’s fate as she uncovers more mysteries and discovers the devastating secrets the island holds. The official website describes many interesting features such as ‘relationship exploration, environmental storytelling, emotional choices with consequences, and branching narratives with multiple endings’.

Ghost on the Shore will be available on PC (Steam). Up to now, there have been a lot of release dates flying around, but with the Steam page listing the game as coming soon, it is looking to be out at some point this year.

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