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What Inspired the Story Behind Ghost on the Shore?

Inspiration can hit at any time. We could be out for a walk in nature, overhear parts of a conversation on the train, or even be doing something as mundane as housework that gets our creativity flowing. For the writer of upcoming adventure Ghost on the Shore, the story came from a dream about death and a Scottish island.

What Inspired the Story Behind Ghost on the Shore?

The creators of award winning Marie’s Room, Like Charlie, are set to release their immersive adventure, Ghost on the Shore, this year. We play as a young woman called Riley, stranded on a strange island. We must help her in discovering the secrets of people long gone and uncover the truth behind what happened to her ghostly companion. This opens up an intriguing story already, but where did the inspiration behind it all come from?

The main element of Ghost on the Shore’s story happened in a dream, when the writer dreamt that she had died and could experience her partner’s grief. Without the ability to comfort her partner, she could do nothing but witness their mourning. Coupled with watching the trailer for Jamie Marks is Dead and the film’s tagline “how far would you go to be remembered?”, the story for Ghost on the Shore began to flourish.

The story behind Ghost on the Shore was inspired by a dream about death and a Scottish island.

The story behind Ghost on the Shore was inspired by a dream about death and a Scottish island.

The island in Ghost on the Shore is inspired by the The Isle of Eigg in Scotland, where the writer spent a week on a writing retreat. There she spoke to the locals and visited the shores, drawing inspiration from them and their folklore. She even named one of the characters after a skipper called Scruff who had a famous pet otter. The game’s locations and story are heavily influenced by the ‘misty bogs and bright beaches’ of this Scottish island and the inhabitants who live there.

First, we create characters of flesh and blood, who start having a life of their own. Through them, we get to tell our story, a story that leaves you feeling like you’ve been somewhere and known someone.

The development team have done a lot of research around the history of various islands and their people. Ghost on the Shore tells of people from 200 years ago, and so the team have included many historical aspects in the game such as ‘young men being drafted into wars,’ and ‘the hardship of living on the islands’.

Ghost on the Shore Teaser / A Story and Relationship Exploration Game

Ghost on the Shore is coming soon to PC (Steam).

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