Atlanta Comic Convention 2023 Overview

An on the ground view of Atlanta Comic Con 2023, which took place February 24th to the 26th. For those who may be curious or may not even be aware that Atlanta now officially has its own comic con. Though it may not be as big as other conventions in Atlanta, it is still event that anyone who has interest in nerd culture will be greeted to a great experience.

Atlanta Comic Con 2023

Atlanta Comic Con is a relatively new convention to come to Atlanta, Georgia. At ACC there were exhibitors who serve a diverse range of interests. Comic books, toys, games, anime, manga, cosplay, artwork, and clothing are a few of these interests. There was also  a number of members of the comic industry and celebrities with ties to the comic world available for meet-and-greets. The ATL Comic Con is a family-friendly event for everyone to enjoy because admission is kept affordable for adults and free for kids.

What is Atlanta Comic Con?

Atlanta Comic Con held its fourth annual Comic Con. Introduced by a subsidiary of FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention, the biggest comic convention in the North per capita. FanX is under Dan Farr productions which specializes in organizing events. Dan Farr Productions was co-founded by Dan Farr and is an event and marketing group. According to their website Dan Farr Productions is dedicated to producing celebrations of popular culture. Dan Farr Productions does this to market experiences for consumers and fans alike.

The opening day of ATL Comic Con 2023

The opening day of ATL Comic Con 2023

The very first Atl Comic Con was in 2018, so it is still a relatively new event that has come to the city. Many are becoming more aware of the Con now, but originally it was more or less advertised through more word of mouth. However, as this is its fourth official outing since it wasn’t able to be held during the pandemic. Despite that many had come out to show off their cosplay and buy some merch. Within the Con are multiple things to see. Retro games and game systems on sale, along with handmade crafted items, some based on comics and anime. 

Red Hood Cosplay by Blerdentertainment.

Red Hood Cosplay by Blerdentertainment.

Indie Fans Unite

One thing Atl Comic Con was full of were many indie artists and writers a chance to show off their creativity. Atl Comic con is located at the Georgia World Congress Center, inside is full of numerous booths from local comic sellers, and independent creators. Booths were all throughout the con showcasing their arts and apparel for sale. Not only this, but as the convention is about comics, there are numerous comic sellers sharing their own creations to share. Along with multiple celebrity guests. These guests ranged from voice actors to beloved characters or performing roles in movies and TV shows. Fans had the opportunity to get an autograph and a picture with them. 

Celebrity Alley where fans could meet actors and voice actors.

Celebrity Alley where fans could meet actors and voice actors.

Original Comics and Original Characters

One thing to be on the lookout for when going to these cons are the original comic characters. There were many writers showcasing their own comics. One of those comics was being sold from Godhood Comics, The Antagonists. Which is a story about following retired supervillains and has been greenlit show on the way. At Atl Comic Con, there were many creative projects being showcased. Another was a manga inspired comic book series called Boundless that was also being sold. This is only a few examples of creative projects to see. Especially seeing original black characters in comics.  

The last day of ATL Comic Con was Sunday February 26. However, there will be plenty of other conventions throughout the year before ATL Comic Con comes back around next year. Stay tuned to KeenGamer for more.

Purchasable items at ATL Comic Con 2023

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