Was Blizzard Wrong? – Keen Cast Ep. 14

In Keen Cast's fourteenth episode, David, Sean, and Tim determine whether or not Blizzard was wrong with the way it handled a pro Hearthstone player's comments regarding the Hong Kong protests. We also talk about more PlayStation 5 news, Doom Eternal's delay, and a lot more!

Was Blizzard Wrong? - Keen Cast Ep. 14

Welcome to Keen Cast, KeenGamer’s official podcast! Join David Lozada, Sean Rehbein, and Tim Ronan as they talk about the week’s hottest news stories and dissect the latest controversy shaking up the video game industry. In our fourteenth episode, we try to answer a simple question: Was Blizzard wrong with the way it handled a pro Hearthstone player’s comments regarding the Hong Kong protests? We also offer our opinions on how the house of World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and Overwatch should approach situations like this one in the future. The show isn’t only about video games this week, as we also offer our impressions of Joker, My Hero Academia‘s fourth season, and The Flash!

Other topics on this week’s roster include more information regarding the PlayStation 5 (yup, that’s the official name!), our thoughts on the console’s controller and its haptic technology, Doom Eternal‘s delay, and a game that looks a lot like Cuphead. Check out links and timestamps to all of our topics below:

Our impressions of Joker, My Hero Academia‘s fourth season, and The Flash –  00:01:04

News Stories:

  1. PlayStation 5 announced and detailed – expected to release in Holiday 2020 (00:45:30)
  2. Doom Eternal delayed from November 2019 to March 2020 (00:58:11)
  3. Enchanted Portals looks a lot like Cuphead (01:05:39)

Topic of the Show:

Was Blizzard wrong? (01:18:26)

Activision-Blizzard suspends pro Hearthstone player for comments about Hong Kong protests

Activision-Blizzard stocks take mild fall following pro player ban

Blizzard makes an official statement

Blizzard returns money to suspended Hearthstone player, Blitzchung

Blitzchung makes an official statement regarding his ban and ban reduction

Protests are being organized for BlizzCon this year

Players are trying to get Overwatch banned in China by using Mei as a protest symbol

Final Question – 01:40:43

Closing Thoughts – 02:06:40

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