Our Favorite Video Game Soundtracks | KeenGamer Podcast #143

Which video games have the best soundtracks? Continuing from where they left off in the previous episode, Alex and David share what makes a great soundtrack, and which games ultimately stole their hearts with their majestic melodies. This, a whole heap of news, and much more you'll hear in this episode of the KeenGamer Podcast!

Keengamer Podcast 143 |  Our Favorite Video Game Soundtracks

No video game is complete without music. What we hear plays a huge part of the vibe a video game ultimately conveys – whether it’s a feeling of fun, fright, or that one feeling where you believe you’re a one-person army who’s ready to face off against any Lovecraftian monstrosity the game hurls at you while you’re trying to save the world. So Alex and David chat about their favorite soundtracks, from the frantic and upbeat tunes of Cuphead to the ominous, ever-unnerving melodies of Silent Hill

But before that, there’s a lot more to discuss. David talks about the Super Mario Bros. Movie and why the critical reception is so off compared to the public reviews and the movies revenue, while Alex dives deep into the upcoming Five Nights At Freddy’s film. But there’s also PokémonMinecraftZelda and Final Fantasy XVICome and listen!


[01:16] What We’re Playing
[08:53] What We’re Looking Forward To: Greyhill Incident and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
[18:39] – News: Hot and Cold PlayStation Controller, Final Fantasy XVI gameplay, gaming-based movies and an all-new Pokémon species?
[53:43] – Main Topic: Our Favorite Video Game Soundtracks

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