KeenGamer Podcast Episode 136: Every KeenGamer 10/10

Mark, Jessica, and Noah discuss every KeenGamer 10/10 ever awarded at the site, and their own personal review process. What is it that makes a 10/10 game exactly? Stadia's shutdown and The Last Of US HBO trailer also get a breakdown, as do Deathloop and Tak in the 'what we've been playing' section.

In a very special main topic, Mark, Jessica, and Noah go over every 10/10 ever awarded at KeenGamer, and discuss the site’s (and their own personal) review process. What is it exactly about a game that gets it a 10/10?

Many genres have got a 10/10 at the site, including a lot of indie titles, but many more have got a 9.5 or above, so the crew shouts out some notable ones, but you can check out the full list and links to all the reviews.

Before diving into the main topic, the trio discusses Deathloop and Tak again, unpack the huge, if unsurprising, news that Stadia is shutting down in 2023, and react to that big HBO TLOU trailer.


[00:00] Intro
[02:07] Deathloop
[21:41] Tak and the Power of Juju
[33:32] Stadia shutting down January 2023
[52:36] The Last of Us HBO teaser reaction
[01:07:46] Main Topic: Every KeenGamer 10/10
[02:06:09] Explaining our review process at KeenGamer

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