IPs That Should Be Video Games | KeenGamer Podcast #144

Which IPs are long overdue for a video game adaptation? Alex and Devon dive deep into this question, resulting in numerous unique takes on a whole range of intellectual properties - from the most niche of series to widely beloved shows. This, loads of news, and above all, a lot of laughter, you'll hear in this episode of the KeenGamer Podcast!

Keengamer Podcast 144 | IPs That Sould Be Video Games

Movies based on video games have been in a bit of a golden age over the last decade. The successes of the Sonic movies, Detective Pikachu, and especially the Super Mario Bros. Movie show that the world of gaming is ready for the big screen. But what about the other way around? Which shows, books, and other non-gaming franchises are ready to make their debut in gaming? In this episode, Alex and Devon discuss which franchises should take their chances, and what such a video game should look like. 

Before getting into that, however, there’s plenty of current news to discuss. Devon breaks down the recent news about Microsoft’s attempted buy-out of Activision-Blizzard, while Alex shares his careful optimism towards Armored Core 6. But there’s also talk about Quidditch and the strange discrepancy between the critical and popular reception of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Tune in to the episode and join the discussion!


[01:25] What We’re Playing
[08:36] What We’re Looking Forward To: Front Mission 2 Remake and Stray Souls
[15:22] – News: A new Quidditch game, The Microsoft – Activision-Blizzard Saga, the photorealistic Unrecord visuals and the launch problems of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
[40:58] – Main Topic: IPs That Should Be Video Games

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