Yakuza 5 Remaster: Complete Trophies List (PS4)

Return to Tokyo in the gloriously remastered Yakuza 5. Fight your way through the neon nightlife of Kamurocho, armed with our essential trophies list. Yakuza games are known for their length, so get ready for a long journey towards 100% completion.

Yakuza 5: Complete trophies list (PS4)

Continue the epic story of Kazuma Kiryu as he struggles to keep the Tojo clan together. We’ve compiled an exhaustive trophies list for Yakuza 5, including everything you need to know about the game’s 57 trophies and how to unlock them. Fighting through the hordes of the Japanese mafia won’t be easy, but with our list, achieving 100% completion doesn’t have to be. 

Keep in mind that some of the unlock requirement descriptions contain spoilers; read at your discretion. 

Yakuza 5 Trophies List

Trophy Title  Unlock Requirement  Trophy Value
The Dream, Fulfilled  Unlock all trophies in Yakuza 5 Platinum 
Heir To The Legend  Clear legend mode Gold
Hall Of Famer Achieve 100% on your completion list Gold
Thank You! Clear the finale Silver
Ultimate Heir Clear all ultimate matches Silver
Substory God Defeat Amon Silver
Reaching the Limit  Raise all player characters to level 20 Silver
Welcome to Nagasugai  Visit Nagasugai for the first time Bronze
Back Into the Fray  Clear part 1 of the story  Bronze
No Prison Can Hold Me Clear part 2 of the story  Bronze
Reunited  Akiyama and Haruka reunited  Bronze 
Japan Dome Awaits  Clear part 3 of the story  Bronze
Out Of The Park Clear part 4 of the story  Bronze
No Easy Way Out  Clear normal mode without lowering the difficulty  Bronze
Devil Killers Defeated  Defeat the leader of the Devil Killers Bronze
Veteran Driver Complete 10 taxi missions  Bronze
Yama-Oroshi Defeated Defeat Yama-Oroshi in Saejima’s side story  Bronze
Full-Fledged Hunter Complete 5 contract missions in Saejima’s side story Bronze
Trendy Idol  Play all job types in Haruka’s side story  Bronze
You’re The Princess Win against T-set in the princess league finals Bronze
A Bond Between Dancers  Settle things with Akari at the dance battle summit Bronze
End Of The Line Win the final showdown against Shirakawa in Shinada’s Side Story Bronze
Big Hitter  Complete 10 baseball missions within Shinada’s side story  Bronze
Substory Baby  Complete 10 substories  Bronze
Substory Prince  Complete 30 substories  Bronze
Substory King  Complete 50 substories Bronze
Gourmet Dragon  Order food at all eateries  Bronze
Sightseeing Dragon  Take a picture of at least one tourist spot in each city  Bronze
Eyes On The Ground Find a total of 100 pieces of garbage, map scraps, drawing tickets, and locker keys Bronze
Thrilling First Date Take a hostess on an after-hours date Bronze
A Toast Together  Finish the final cabaret club event  Bronze
Life Is About Learning  Complete a training mission with each master Bronze
The Chosen One  Complete a victory road event for the first time  Bronze
Top Ten  Rank in the top 10 at the Coliseum for the first time Bronze
Kitted Out  Get Kamiyama works to level 5 Bronze
Major Revelation Complete all revelations  Bronze
Singled Out Win 100 fights against enemies in town  Bronze
Mr Climax  Trigger all Climax Heat variations for Kiryu, Saejima, Akiyama, and Shinada Bronze
Dragon Fury Defeat 50 enemies with dragon spirit  Bronze
Puppet Master Defeat 50 enemies with tiger puppetry  Bronze
Launch Striker Defeat 50 enemies with launch strike  Bronze
Tackler  Defeat 50 enemies with my meteor tackle Bronze
Life Is Entertainment  Play all minigames (excluding special contents) Bronze
Puck Deflector  Play air hockey 3 times Bronze
Local Farmer  Use a local PrintCircle frame in all cities  Bronze
Old-School Gamer  Play Taiko No Tatsujin and Virtua Fighter 2 two times or more at Club SEGA Bronze
Fish For Dinner Catch 5 fish while river fishing Bronze
Ding-Ding  Play the Beast King and Aladdin A pachislot machines 3 times each Bronze
A Hearty Bowl Play Tatsu-ya noodles 3 times Bronze
Novice Snowball Fighter  Win the winter combat battle royale beginner  Bronze
First-Call Entertainer  Play a routine in a comedy team Bronze
King Of Cochin  Win the Cochin cup classic for the first time  Bronze
Dream Ride  Buy an otaku decal Bronze
Benevolent Dragon Send 5 million yen to Morning Glory via ATM Bronze
Good Communicator  Strike up a conversation with 50 townspeople  Bronze
Useful Features  Check the additional info for the first time when a tip appears Bronze
Watch For Cars Get hit by a regular car for the first time (excluding story events) Bronze

Good Luck, Completionists!

There you go! We hope this Yakuza 5 trophies list helps enhance your experience of this quirky franchise that straddles the line between serious drama and farce. The game comes as part of a remastered collection that includes three games. New to the franchise? Check out our definitive guide to the world of Yakuza.

The Yakuza Remastered Collection | Announcement Trailer | PS4

The Yakuza Remastered Collection is available both physically and digitally on PS4. Yakuza 5 is also available individually on the PlayStation Store

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