Tips To Easily Platinum EA UFC 4

These are some tips geared towards earning a platinum trophy in EA UFC 4. The insights provided here will hopefully help you become the GOAT in career mode and compete successfully online, thus leading you to 100% completion of the game's trophy list.

Tips To Easily Platinum EA UFC 4 cover

EA UFC 4’s trophy list isn’t very intimidating, especially for players like myself who usually don’t excel in online competitive modes. However, some trophies might require a bit of counter-intuitive planning, mostly in career mode. I was ecstatic to have earned my first platinum with this game; I’m a casual UFC fan, but I’ve played every entry in EA’s series. After having completed 100% of the trophies, here are my tips to platinum EA UFC 4.

Career Mode

Becoming the GOAT in UFC 4 requires you to reach certain numbers in both your in-the-octagon and social media and monetary performances, and getting every trophy in the game overall requires other goals to be met. Two tasks provided me with a struggle: I was close to coming up short money-wise, and I was forced to retire before I could defend a belt 12 consecutive times.

GOAT achievements in career mode

GOAT achievements in career mode

In order to retain more of the money you earn from each fight, consider cutting your training schedule one week short. The money you’d spend on that extra week will stay with you, instead, and will be spendable on improvements to your fighter. I’d recommend cutting five-week schedules to four weeks, and once you become dominant in your division, you might then feel comfortable cutting four weeks to three weeks.

Speaking of divisions, in order to up your chances of defending the belt 12 times, don’t move up a weight class after winning your super fight in the division above you. You’ll keep up your current streak in your current division instead of having to start your streak over in a new division, and doing this won’t cost you the success of winning your super fight.

Online Modes

You’ll need to win in both the online championship mode and Blitz Battles mode. In the lower online championship divisions, you’d be surprised at how few players know how to defend against grappling, submissions and ground-and-pound. And as you move up these divisions, you’ll need to be able to defend against players who are skilled in these areas. Therefore, it’s imperative that you master the grappling systems to dominate early and keep up later.

Jon Jones pulls off an armbar

Jon Jones pulls off an armbar

Certain Blitz Battles can be intimidating. The “Taekwondo” mode only allows kicks, for instance. Luckily the battles rotate often. So if you’re just coming out of career mode and entering the online arena, participate in more conventional modes, like “Two to Tango” or “Minute to Win It,” which feature mostly normal MMA rules.

One more thing, heavyweight opponents who play as Daniel Cormier or Jon Jones have a high chance of beating any playable character you’ve created, so be careful. 

These are a few tips to help you platinum EA UFC 4, an otherwise easy-to-platinum game. You may need to play a second career, and it may take some time to win online. But hopefully, your progress is sped up by these insights. As for the gameplay itself, my most important tips: utilize ground and pound offense, learn how to escape the clinch against the cage, don’t forget to block your lower body, and throw those leg kicks.

UFC 4 Official Career Mode Trailer

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