The Top 5 Perks For a Balanced UFC 4 Career

Here's a handful of recommended perks for your balanced UFC 4 fighter, as they are imperative to going above and beyond in career mode. They should compliment multiple aspects of your play: from stand-up battling to on-the-mat wrestling. These five do just that, and will aid you on your journey to GOAT status.

The Top 5 Perks For A Balanced UFC 4 Career cover

If you’re unsure about or impartial to the various fight styles in Career Mode, from boxer to BJJ artist, you might opt for a Balanced build. If that’s you, you may benefit from this list of my recommended, top five perks for a balanced UFC 4 career. Some will help you on the ground, others on the feet, and some all over. Let’s get into it!

1. Out the Gates

  • Strikes consume less stamina during rounds 1 and 2.

In my career playthroughs, I noticed my opponents almost consistently maintained more energy than myself throughout the fight. This perk helped me and will start helping you immediately; most of your fights will be three rounds long, and once you get to the five-round championship bouts, this perk will still help you keep up your energy, leaving you less prone to getting gassed.

Keep up your stamina.

Keep up your stamina.

I once overlooked stamina, focusing more on health as the most important factor between the two, but in career mode, they really are equals. On that note, be sure to improve your fitness each week; don’t neglect your training and sparring, or you’ll suffer come fight night. 

2. Crafty or No Cigar

  • Improved submission defense in bottom positions, top positions. 

Going against skilled grapplers sometimes comes down to stats. Granted, I was able to escape most submissions by my own skill, but once you break into the Top 15 rankings, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially depending on your division. For instance, there are 12 current Welterweight fighters with 90+ stats in both takedowns and submissions, 11 in Lightweight, with only 5 in Featherweight and 4 in men’s Bantamweight.

Work on submission defense.

Work on submission defense.

I recommend you have at least one of these submission defense perks. If you’re one to take down your opponent, No Cigar will likely benefit you more since you’ll be in top position. But if you’re a stand-up fighter who inevitably will be taken down and therefore put into the bottom position, opt for Crafty. I myself tended towards the latter and then surprised my opponent with a submission of my own!

3. To Your Feet

  • Able to get up from the ground more easily. 

This is easily one of the best overall perks. If you’re a stand-up fighter, you’ll be able to get back to your comfort zone. And if you’re comfortable on the ground but find yourself in a vulnerable position to ground and pound, you’ll be able to make a necessary escape more easily.

“Get up, cuz Mickey loves ya!”

When your opponent takes you down but can’t capitalize, it really does them no good in the scorecards, I’ve found unless it’s dead even and the takedowns themselves are the tie-breaker. But if you can get up quickly and minimize your opponent’s time in a dominant position, you’ll also minimize the judges’ favor towards them. 

4. Work Horse

  • Uses less stamina when grappling on the ground. 

Grappling on the ground drains a heaping amount of stamina, especially when you’re struggling to get out of an inferior position. I believe it was Kamaru Usman who gassed my welterweight fighter by controlling me on the mat for what felt like an eternity. Avoid the same fate by equipping this perk. 

Top Finishes: Khabib Nurmagomedov

This facet of the game is very realistic; just watch a real-life match featuring Khabib Nurmagomedov, and the commentators will surely note how exhausting it is for the fighter who finds himself underneath his wrestling strength. Additionally, this control of position earns fighters like The Eagle points with the judges, and we don’t want that.

5. Fast Hands

  • Hooks, uppercuts, and overhands are faster and more accurate. 

I thought my hooks and uppercuts needed more power behind them to KO my opponents, but the accuracy and speed provided by this perk helped do the trick. No matter your play style, boxer or wrestler, balanced or BJJ artist, you’ll be throwing plenty of hooks and uppercuts in your stand-up combinations.

Knock 'em out!

Knock ’em out!

This perk is, therefore, the most balanced, optimal for any player. It will increase your ability to knock out your opponent and also your defense, in that you’ll work up the ability to interrupt your opponent’s slower combos with your own quicker ones. I’d say this one is also the perfect perk if you’re unsure of what you want or need in your career.

These are what I believe to be the top five perks for a balanced UFC 4 career. Good luck to you on your journey to becoming the GOAT! With these perks, your luck will increase, and your path will be made just a bit easier.

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