The Wild Age Guide for Beginners: 5 Basic Tips for Survival

For those of you looking to get in to The Wild Age, don’t miss our five beginner tips for survival.

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The Wild Age is the Kingdom game series remade and reimagined beautifully. The game is not simply a clone of the series, but a reimagining in 3D graphics and with enhanced gameplay. The game is easy to pick up and play for gamers of all ages and all backgrounds. While the system is smooth and simple, it can be a little difficult to get used to for people new to management simulation games. For those of you looking to get in to The Wild Age, don’t miss our five beginner tips for survival.

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1. Show me the Money

In The Wild Age, all commands and actions are done by spending coins. Therefore, you need a large and steady supply of coins to keep your settlement strong and expanding. Of course, in the beginning you start with very few coins and things can be a little rough get started. To help you out, chests will spawn randomly in the forests.

The Wild Age Guide: 5 Tips for Survival - forest
Start every game by finding chests. Remember there are forests on both sides of your settlement and chests can spawn on either side. Normally two chests will spawn at the beginning of the game, so be on the lookout for two chests before you start building you settlement.

2. Bows Before Everything

There are many ways to spend your coins in The Wild Age. You can hire builders to repair walls and construct new buildings. You can hire woodsmen to chop down trees for profit. However, the most important workers in your settlement are archers. They are your only source of defense against incoming goblin raids. On top of that, archers gain coins for you by hunting animals. Prioritize archers early on in the game to give you protection against goblin raids and a steady supply of coins.

"The Wild Age is the Kingdom game series remade and reimagined…"

3. The Wolf of Wild Age: Investing

One of the easiest ways to accumulate coins is to use the merchant. The merchant stands idle near the center of your settlement waiting for you to give him a coin deposit before going off on his trades. The merchant requires an investment of only one coin. Every morning he will return to your settlement with five coins. After upgrading the merchant camp, he will return with seven coins. Don’t forget to pay the merchant everyday to keep a steady stream of coins coming in.

4. Defence Wins Championships

The Wild Age Guide: 5 Tips for Survival - walls
The walls are the most important building in your settlement. If a goblin attack gets through, you will lose settlers, coins and possibly even the game. After you have enough settlers to get a steady amount of coins coming through, build walls around your settlement as soon as possible. Furthermore, you should upgrade your walls as often as you can. Stronger walls means more time for your archers to shoot down attacking goblins.

For additional defense, be sure to build towers next to your outermost walls. Archers posted on top of towers are impervious to enemy attacks and will shoot down any goblins attacking your gates as well as goblins that managed to break in to the settlement. While you can build towers behind any wall, it's important to build towers behind your outermost walls. The outermost walls are the walls furthest from the center of your settlement and thus will be the first walls attacked by enemy goblins. You should also upgrade your towers as often as you can.

5. HR Manager

The Wild Age Guide: 5 Tips for Survival - farm
One common mistake is to take in as many wanderers as you can. While it costs only one coin to bring a vagrant into your camp, it’s useless to have a bunch of settlers with nothing to do. Only take in as many vagrants that you can put to work. If you don’t have enough coins to build a bow, hammer, axe, or sickle, then don’t bother hiring the vagrant. Vagrants will spawn everyday, so there is no need to rush to take them in. Don’t take in too many vagrants.

Those were our five beginner tips for survival in The Wild Age. Stay tuned for more advanced guides soon to come. What do you think of The Wild Age? Got any tips and tricks of your own? Let us and our readers know in the comments below.

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