The Best 10 Databases for Football Manager 23

A database can change your Football Manager 23 experience altogether. Update the game with the latest transfers, experiment with custom competitions, or add legends to the game. You'll find a mix of realism and fantasy to satisfy all needs. Find out what are the best options available so far.

The Best 10 Databases for Football Manager 23

Though Football Manager 23 is a great game, its database could be better. Fans of the series know this well: the vanilla databases provided by SI aren’t the best. From fake names of teams and players due to license limitations to plain wrong or outdated information. Every year there are some issues and, every year, fans fix them. But there’s more than this. Being relatively easy to modify, one can create DBs of all kinds, including nations not present in the main game and fantasy or retro leagues and cups.

The amount of mods created for this category is quite impressive and, every year, there are some interesting novelties. So if you’re tired of the same old game, you can experiment in many different ways. Try the Japanese League or start a worldwide competition between nations. Have all players and staff as free agents or bring in players from Captain Tsubasa. There are loads of options for you to choose from, and we put together the best ones released so far.

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Video by FRANKLYFM84

FM2023 Licensing and Real Name Fix

A must for all players, this database changes all names of teams, players, staff, and competitions to reflect reality. Also, it fixes the issue of the German national team not bringing in proper players. It’s a very small file that can drastically improve your game experience. You can download it from this link and also check for its constant updates.

Football Manager 2023 Database Update

This FM 23 database is for those who are starting a new game and want all players’ transfers up to date. It gets constantly updated so, as you visit its page, you can rest assured to get the latest version. If you’re into pure realism, then they also offer the “Future Transfer Database“. With this file, changes will happen in-game on the same date they happened in real life.

4 of the most important transfers in the 2022/2023 season - Best Football Manager 23 database

Keeping the database updated with the latest transfers is crucial

Leagues Mega Pack by @[email protected]

This is not just an FM 23 database, it’s the definitive collection of playable nations in the game. The author created a crazy amount of league levels for 175 nations, both new and expanding on existing ones. However, don’t let the numbers scare you. The file to download is only 18MB so it won’t be heavy at all on your HD. Also, when you start your new career, you can choose which nations to include in the game.

80s Style European Competitions

Veteran players and football fans probably have memories of the old format of the Champions League (then called European Cup) and other Continental cups. This database replaces the name and format of the current competitions with those of the pre-1992 reformation. So only league champions can participate in the European Cup; winners of domestic cups take part in the European Cup Winners’ Cup; teams placed between second and fourth position (depending on the nation) fight for the UEFA Cup.  All competitions have a straight knockout, meaning no group stage and only direct matches until the final.

Get the database at Sortitoutsi.

The Best 10 Databases for Football Manager 23 '80s European Cups

The Best 10 Databases for Football Manager 23 ’80s European Cups

FM23 Increase Realism Megapack

There’s a huge number of modifications introduced by this Football Manager 23 database. It includes:

  • a reworked system for young ratings and development
  • more realistic salaries, in line with the league and nation’s level
  • market value changed to be reflective of the player’s reputation
  • higher payout from sponsors
  • complete overhaul of geographical information, including political geography and weather

The list goes on for quite a while and you can check it in its entirety on the page where you can also download this database.

Football Legends as Free Agents

As the name suggests, the database adds football legends from various eras as young free agents into the game. It’s great if you’re curious to find out how the likes of Pelè, Maradona, or Cruijff would have coped with nowadays talents. Though they’re glorious players from the past, it must be recognized that they aren’t as overpowered as one could expect from such a mod.

This Football Manager 23 database is available at FMScout.

The Best 10 Databases for Football Manager 23 Diego Armando Maradona

The Best 10 Databases for Football Manager 23 Diego Armando Maradona

No Contracts – All Free Agents

If you want a fresh start or are planning to have a fantasy football-like start, then you found your mod. Pretty straightforwardly, the DB makes all players and staff free agents. In this way, as you start a new game, you can build up your team from scratch and try to create the squad of your dreams. It’s also a great database to use if you’re starting a new game with some friends. You can download it from this page.

FM23 World Nations League

Fans of national teams’ management will be most pleased with this FM 23 database. World Nations League creates a 7-level worldwide competition for 227 national teams, complete with a promotion-relegation system. Leagues are composed of 20 teams meeting twice per season, as in most traditional leagues. There’s also an option that intervals the league with the “Expanded World Cup” where all nations fight against each other in a straight knockout competition.

Captain Tsubasa FM 23 Database

The most famous football anime in history lands Football Manager 23 as a great database. However, don’t expect to play in the middle-school competition with the Nankatsu or the Hanawa teams. This mod simply adds about 150 players from the anime into the game as young talents. It also comes with a dedicated face pack. It’s available for download here.

The Best 10 Databases for Football Manager 23 Captain Tsubasa

The Best 10 Databases for Football Manager 23 Captain Tsubasa

New format Italian Championships

The Italian league is one of the most prestigious in the world (though quite far from its former glory) but the whole football system is quite messy. In recent years, there have been several attempts to reform it but none too successful. What this database does is what many actually hope it’ll happen in reality: it copies the English football system and applies it to Italy.

Find all the detailed information and download it on this page.


There are loads of Football Manager 23 databases out for the grabbing and more are expected to come out. However, for the first time in years, there’s no convincing historical database out yet. But it’s something likely to pop out soon enough. The mods in our list will provide you with enough options to enhance your gameplay experience. Whether you’re an immersion-first manager or you don’t mind a dose of fantasy in your game, you’ll find something for your tastes.

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