The 21 Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23

Our list of the best free agents in Football Manager 23 will give you some useful tips on good players to hire for free. You'll find a selection of goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and strikers that can act as valuable subs in top teams or stars in smaller ones.

The 21 Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23

Free agents are a great way to improve a team in Football Manager 23. Especially, if you are managing middle to lower-tier teams, getting your hands on a few good free transfers can give you an edge on your opponents. Also, at the beginning of every season, it’s always kind of fun to check who’s available for free and imagine doing a whole team out of free agents only.

In Football Manager 23, the choice is quite interesting and there are valid options for all roles. For this reason, we choose the players in our list taking into account factors such as age, injuries and potential to grow. The average age is in the early 30s meaning that most of the players still have a few seasons to play at the top of their game. At the same time, it’s difficult for young talented players to be out of contract so don’t expect to find wonderkids for free. There are, however, a few interesting youngsters that, given enough play time, they might improve quite a lot or at least give you a good return of investment.

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FM 23 Best Free Agents: Goalkeepers

Seydou Sy

The first on the list is Seydou Sy, a Senegalese player of 26. After two seasons in Italy one of which in A.C. Milan under 18 team, he spent most of his career at AS Monaco as a second or third choice. Sy managed to collect only 7 appearances in Ligue 1 and, given his age, you can imagine is ready for more consistent usage.

He has excellent physical stats and decent key mental attributes for a goalkeeper. The goalkeeping skills are average but, considering that players in this role peak in their mid-30s, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Antonio Santurro

Santurro is a Dominican goalkeeper with an Italian passport (useful if you’re playing in a European league) of 30 years old. He spent his entire career in Italy’s Serie C (third division) but managed to collect one presence in Serie A during his spell at Bologna.

He could be a good second-division (or below) goalkeeper given his average skills in Goalkeeping and decent Physical stats. The main weak points are in Mental where the lack of concentration, decision-making and positioning might cause problems.

Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23 Antonio Santurro

Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23: Antonio Santurro


The Spanish goalkeeper had the peak of his career at Besiktas where he spent two seasons as a starter and managed to win one Turkish league. After attracting the interest of Fulham, he spent 4 of the last 5 seasons in the U.K. but always failed to break through the starting 11.

He’s certainly the best goalkeeper on this list with good stats all around that make him a good choice also for some first-division teams. His age, 34, might be the only downside even if he should be able to compete at a good level for at least 2 more seasons.

FM 23 Best Free Agents: Defenders

Gary Cahill (Central)

Cahill is a veteran of the Premier League and even at 36 years of age could still have a saying in some minor team. He spent most of his career at Chelsea where he won a Champions League, 2 Europa League, 2 Premier League and 1 FA cup.

Even at his age, Cahill still has good Physical skills except for a lack of speed and agility that might cause him problems against quick players. Mentally and technically, however, he’s still at an impressive level and this makes him an excellent option for most teams.

Mateo Musacchio (Central)

Musacchio, 31, has a more than a respectable career in teams such as River Plate, Villareal and A.C. Milan. An injury prevented him to keep his position at A.C. Milan and, after an unremarkable season at Lazio, he’s free for the taking.

He’s a solid defender with good defending skills, especially Marking and Tackling. Also, most of his Mental abilities are great though he lacks Concentration and Decision which may lead to some mistakes here and there. His weakest point lies in the areal skills where his height and Jumping Reach are below standards.

Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23 Mateo Musacchio

Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23: Mateo Musacchio

Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa (Central)

The 33-year-old French Central Defender has a past as a regular starter in teams like Newcastle, Roma and Lyon. However, after some physical problems, he got released from the French team and he’s now one of the best options as a free defender in FM 23.

Age notwithstanding, Yanga-Mbiwa still has sufficient Physical skills to compete at high levels. His defensive skills are still top-notch even if technically quite limited. As for the Mental stats, only the poor stats in Concentration are below standards while you can rely on his Work Rate, Positioning and Determination.

Dedé (Central)

Dedé, 33, spent his entire career in Brazil where he alternated great seasons with completely unremarkable ones. A very fragile right knee didn’t allow him to get more out of his career even if he can boost the victory of two National championships and several National cups and State championships as a Vasco da Gama and Cruzeiro player.

Defensively, Dedé is still quite good with optimum Marking and Aerial skills. He also possesses great Determination, Anticipation and Work Rate which make him mentally strong enough for his position. Physically is where he lacks the most, especially in Natural Fitness. In any case, Dedé could be a good signing for teams with an “Okay” reputation and below.

Santiago Arias (Right, Left)

The ex-Atletico Madrid and PSV player is one of the best free agents in FM 23 thanks to his versatility and skills. Arias can play well in almost all wing roles in defence and midfield.

Reasonably fast and balanced, Arias makes for a very good jack of all trades that could even find some space in top teams. What he lacks in technical skills is compensated by good a Work Rate and Determination.

Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23 Santiago Arias

Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23: Santiago Arias

Faouzi Ghoulam (Left)

The Algerian national grow up in Saint Etienne and spent most of his career in Naples where he gained the love of the fans thanks to his commitment. He was a regular starter also in his national team until a series of injuries maimed his career.

Ghoulam is a very strong left-back with excellent skills both in attack and defence, boosting good Crossing, Passing and Tackling. Also, his Mental skills are top-notch. Physically, he’s still ok but poor Natural Fitness makes him prone to injuries. In any case, he’s a very good choice.

Danny Rose (Left)

The ex-Tottenham player enjoyed his best spell between 2013 and 2019 when he was a regular in the Spurs’ defence. With the arrival of fresh forces, he slowly lost his place and, after a fruitless year at Watford, he’s now a free agent.

Even if still 31, his Physical attributes of Rose aren’t the best, pace in particular. However, he manages to compensate with a very strong mentality and good defensive skills. Don’t expect him to do miracles in attack but he’s still good enough to support stronger players.

Ahmed Elmohamady (Right)

Elmohamady had a very strong impact upon his arrival in Premier League. His pace and crossing skills allowed him to provide many assists while playing for Sunderland, Hull City and Aston Villa. Though he never managed to break through a top team, he claimed two continental cups with Egypt.

At 34, Elmohamady’s still quite physically strong with a decent pace and stamina. Though defensively he’s not perfect, you can count on him to support your attack quite well. He’s also quite versatile as he’s natural at all roles on the right side of the pitch, except as an attacking winger.

Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23 Ahmed Elmohamady

Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23: Ahmed Elmohamady

FM 23 Best Free Agents: Midfielders

Moussa Dembélé (Central)

The veteran Belgian is the most recognizable name in our list of midfielders. He was a regular in the national team as well as a column of Tottenham’s midfield. 

Though lacking pace and stamina, Dembélé still has one or two good seasons ahead. His Mental and Technical skills are still at a very good level. His presence can be beneficial to teams of all levels and can also be used as a mentor to younger talents.

Sofiane Feghouli (Central, Attack Right)

Feghouli is a versatile player that can cover 4 out of 6 positions in midfield. Wherever he played, he’s been a regular starter and helped the likes of Valencia, West Ham and Galatasaray with goals and assists.

The Algerian is an offensive player skilled at Passing, Crossing, Dribbling and Finishing. The lack of Work Rate hinders an otherwise excellent set of mental skills. The downside resides in the Physical attributes, in particular the low stamina which won’t allow him to finish matches easily.

Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23 Sofiane Feghouli

Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23: Sofiane Feghouli

Lars Dendoncker (Defensive, Central)

The youngest player on this list, 21 years old Dendoncker has the potential to become a good player in many teams. He only played in Brighton’s young team and had a 6 months spell in the Scottish first division. The future is still in front of him.

The young Belgian has good Determination, Teamwork and Work Rate that should help in his growth. He’s very good in the air and has good Passing and Vision skills. With some patience, he can become a good Deep Lying Playmaker.

Lukas Rupp (Central)

Rupp spent most of his career in Germany as a decent Bundesliga player before trying his luck in Premier League at Norwich. Now, at 31, he’s looking for a new adventure, probably without shying away from lower divisions.

The German is a quite balanced central midfielder, with decent attacking and defensive skills, and the right mentality to play in the middle of the field. His main issues are in the areal play, where he’ll probably struggle quite a lot, and in Strength and low Balance that don’t make him suitable for physical gameplay.

Ryan Thomas (Central)

After two seasons in his native New Zealand, Thomas moved to the Netherlands where he became a regular starter at PEC Zwolle and then a rotation player at PSV. Failing to secure a position in the Dutch team, the 27 years old is now one of the most interesting free agents in the game.

The New Zealander is a good option as a playmaker for most teams, having the key technical skills for the role all in the right place. He’s also quite strong mentally and physically and only lacks some flair to make his game more unpredictable.

Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23 Ryan Thomas

Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23: Ryan Thomas

José Izquierdo (Left)

The Colombian left winger had the best time of his career at Club Brugge where he lifted a national championship and gained his first caps in the national team. After a decent season at Brighton, he kind of disappeared from the radars and he’s now looking for a fresh start at the age of 29.

Izquierdo isn’t the fastest wing you’ll find in the game but, especially if you’re playing in lower divisions, he’s going to be a quite useful addition. Aside from Crossing and Dribbling, he’s also skilled in Finishing which also makes him a decent option as a Striker.

Giovani Dos Santos (Attack, Central-Right)

The 33 years old Mexican was one of the wonderkids playing for Barcelona in the late 2000s. His late career didn’t live up to expectations, however. After a few years roaming Europe on loans, he managed to get good performances at Villareal and LA Galaxy.

Though not fast enough to be effective as a wing, Dos Santos can be a very creative advanced playmaker with exceptional Dribbling and Technical skills. Unfortunately, his lack of Determination and Work Rate makes him quite discontinuous.

FM 23 Best Free Agents: Forwards

Graziano Pellè

Four great seasons at Feyenoord and Southampton granted Pellè the call to the Italian national team. Even if his career never took off properly, Pellè always managed to have a good goal/appearance ratio.

At almost 37 years of age, Pellè still has pretty decent stats and is particularly strong in the Mental set of skills. Thanks to his height (193 cm) and Finishing attribute, he’s a dangerous areal presence for most defenders. 

Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23 Graziano Pellè

Best Free Agents in Football Manager 23: Graziano Pellè

Hal Robson-Kanu

The Welsh international is a natural striker but, in his career at Reading and West Brom, also played as a right/left winger. Having spent most of his career in Championship, Robson-Kanu is a great choice for low-division teams looking for an experienced striker that can help them get promoted.

Robson-Kanu has average attributes all around. The main skills required for a striker are well covered and, even if not exceptional, are still quite alright. His only problem is his low Stamina that’s likely to hinder his performance.

Yaya Sanogo

Sanogo, 29, was formed in Auxerre, a team famous in France for the ability to generate young good players. After a move to Arsenal, however, he never managed to up his game and express his full potential. Back in France, he spent 3 years at Toulouse playing regularly but without managing to score more than 6 goals in a season.

Despite his unimpressive career, Sanogo has good enough skills to be one of the best free agents in Football Manager 23. Exploiting his Physical stats, you can make him a good target man that would have few equals in lower divisions.


As seen, it’s difficult that the players in this list will make you win a Champions League. However, if you’re not planning on managing top teams but are rather looking for a challenge, they can all be good additions to your squad. There are also many other interesting players out there and it always makes sense to spend some time looking for good free agents.

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