Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville: Zombies Character Guide

Turn the tides of garden warfare by using our Zombies Character Guide. This guide will give you a rundown of all Zombie characters, their roles, and abilities so you can find the best undead hunter. Those pesky Plants won't keep you from your juicy brains much longer.

Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville: Zombies Character Guide


Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville is the first game in the franchise that treats the Plants and Zombie sides equally by providing you with a full Zombie campaign. As such, it’s only fitting that you get a full character guide of the Zombies faction to help you put those pesky Plants in their place. Happy hunting.


The most well rounded of the Zombie heroes whose capable of fighting just about any fight effectively. Hoo-ha!

  • Role: Attack
  • Primary Weapon: Z-1 Assault Blaster


  • Super Stink Cloud: Toss a smoke grenade to block your enemy’s vision but not that of your team.
  • Rocket Jump: Leap over tall buildings in a single bound.
  • ZPG: Make a big boom with your ZPG rocket launcher.
Foot Soldier Zombie

Foot Soldier Zombie


The tiny Imp was tired of getting picked on and so set off to create its own Z-Mech battle suite. The Imp is small and fast, a difficult target to hit, but when it calls down the Z-Mech, it becomes a frighteningly powerful force.


  • Role: Attack
  • Primary Weapon: Imp Blasters


  • Gravity Grenade: Create a gravitational force that holds all nearby enemies in place and prevents them from escaping your wrath.
  • Robo Call: Call in your big buddy, the Z-Mech, for some playtime.
  • Impkata: Spin around like a chaotic tornado, firing in all directions.


  • Role: Attack
  • Primary Weapon: Robo Laser


  • Missile Madness: Pretty much what the name suggests.
  • Explosive Escape:Send your Z-Mech into self-destruct mode, damaging all nearby enemies while letting your Imp escape.
  • Bionic Bash: Swing your giant arm and hit the ground with a mighty crash, causing damage and knockback.
Z-Tech Factory

Z-Tech Factory


Every Zombie child has a poster of Super Brainz on their bedroom wall. This Zombie superhero is a strong melee fighter that can be devastating when it gets in close.

  • Role: Attack
  • Primary Weapon: Heroic Fists (Melee)


  • Turbo Twister: Turn into a fist swinging whirlwind of destruction.
  • Hyper Jump Thump: Fly into the air and come crashing down, causing massive AoE damage.
  • Super Ultra Ball: The Zombie version of the Kamehameha.
Super Brainz to the Rescue

Super Brainz to the Rescue


Some people just can’t let go of the past but this 80’s Action Hero is timelessly cool and is quite handy with anything that goes kaboom. This hero has various explosive skills that can level entire buildings while also being frighteningly accurate with his bow.

  • Role: Attack
  • Primary Weapon: Bow Blaster (Single or multi-shot)


  • Dynamite Dodge: Leap out of harm’s way and leave an explosive present behind for your assailant.
  • Rocket Ride: Ride a giant rocket into the air and rain down destruction on a group of enemies.
  • Can’t-Miss-ile: Release a volley of homing rockets that will track down the nearest enemy and turn them to ash.


This fabulous dancer is not only electric by reputation. Armed with various shock weapons the Electric Slide knows how to control a crowd.

  • Role: Attack
  • Primary Weapon: Boogie Bolt


  • Funky Bouncer: Send out a magnetic force that pushes back all enemies in its path. A great way to get rid of interruptions while capturing a control point.
  • Outta Fight!: Become pure electricity. You can’t catch or hurt electricity, you just get out of its way.
  • Disco Tornado: Send out a small whirlwind and activate it again when it reaches the enemy to transform it into a devastating electric tornado.
80's Action Hero Zombie

80’s Action Hero Zombie


The Zombies’ answer to the Cactus. This long-range sniper can take you out without ever being seen and his trusty parrot is as dangerous as he is loyal.

  • Role: Defend
  • Primary Weapon: Scurvy Scattershot (Long Range)


  • Barrel Blast: Climb into a powder keg and light the fuse. Run towards your enemies and blow them to smithereens. 
  • Anchor’s Away: Use a ship’s anchor as a grappling hook to pull yourself up to high places for a better vantage point.
  • Parrot Pal: Send out your Parrot Pal to fly over the battlefield and scout ahead. He can even do some damage while he’s there.
    • Primary Weapon: Parrot Pulse
    • Eggsplosion: Drop a carpet bomb from on high.
All-Star is Feeling Lucky

All-Star is Feeling Lucky


This Zombie jock knows all about defending his team, he even brought along some tackling dummies to take some of the hits so his teammates don’t have to. His football cannon takes a moment to wind up but once it does, you don’t want to be standing in front of it.

  • Role: Defend
  • Primary Weapon: Football Cannon


  • Imp Punt: Use your sporting talents to punt kick an Imp in the enemy’s direction to explode upon contact.
  • Sprint Tackle: Tackle your enemies with brute force. Earning a vanquish with this ability shortens ability refresh times.
  • Dummy Shield: Deploy a tackling dummy to take the hits, so you don’t have to.
Zombies Win - Zombies Character Guide

Zombies Win


A quick in, quick out fighter that can team up with up to 3 Cadet friends to form a devastating Space Station.

  • Role: Defend
  • Primary Weapon: Cosmo Shot


  • Gravity Smash: Fly straight into the ground with no regard for your own safety or anyone else who might be standing there.
  • Station Inflation: Transform into a technologically advanced Space Station. Fellow Space Cadets can join the ride.
  • Big Bang Beam: Set lasers to kill, after a short delay.
Engineer Zombie - Zombies Character Guide

Engineer Zombie


  • Role: Defend
  • Primary Weapon: Big Bang Burst


  • Space Force: Increase fire rate and shorten ability refresh times for all aboard the station. Very effective when joined by a crew.
  • Escape Pod: Ditch the Space Station to go at it as a cadet again.
  • Crater Maker: Unleash the power of your massive laser and cut a crater into the earth.
Just out for a Stroll in the Woods - Zombies Character Guide

Just out for a Stroll in the Woods


Equipped with a healing hose and Sticky Healy Thingy, the Scientist is the lifeforce behind any successful Zombie team. 

  • Role: Support
  • Primary Weapon: Goo Blaster


  • Sticky Healy Thingy: Deploy Stickly Healy Thingy. Heal when close to Sticky Healy Thingy.
  • Warp: Use your teleportation device to get to safety or jump to an ally in need.
  • Healing Hose: Attend to your team’s booboos and ouchies with your Healing Hose.
Roaming Around Town - Zombies Character Guide

Roaming Around Town


The Zombie Engineer builds stuff. He also provides speed boosts for his team when they’re close to the stuff he built.

  • Role: Support
  • Primary Weapon: Concrete Launcher


  • Bullhorn Swarm: Turn up the volume of your megaphones to stun enemies and unborrow any lurking Chompers.
  • Heavy Helper: Build a turret that will target the closest enemy while also lending a speed buff to allied weapons.
  • Double Time: Build a pad that will give a speed boost when allies run over it.

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