Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville: Plants Character Guide

Dominate the garden war by using our Plants Character Guide. This guide will give you a rundown of all Plants characters, their roles, and abilities so you can find the best hero to kick some zombie butt and put those walking corpses back in the ground, where they belong.

Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville: Plants Character Guide


Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville is the latest and greatest addition to the world of tactical team shooters. While the game may be aimed more towards a younger crowd, that doesn’t mean you’ll sign in and immediately dominate the server. In this Plants Character Guide, we’ll give a brief overview of all the characters from the Plants faction along with their abilities and roles to help you find the character that best suits your play style. 


An all-round fighter with AoE attacks and additional mobility. Its explosive Pea Cannon makes it ideal for dealing with hordes of minions but the Peashooter won’t hide in a hole when faced with another hero.

  • Role: Attack
  • Primary Weapon: Pea Cannon


  • Chili Bean Bomb: Spit out an explosive bean grenade that detonates for massive damage after a short delay.
  • Pea Gatling: Root yourself in place and swap your single-shot pea shooter for an automatic Gatling Cannon. Highly effective against high HP targets but makes you vulnerable by removing your ability to move. The transformation also takes a few moments to do so you won’t be able to transform back and make a quick escape if you get overwhelmed.
  •  Pea Suped: Transform your Peashooter into a 5-year-old on a sugar rush. For the next few moments, you’ll have increased mobility and fire rate, you’ll be able to jump higher, and you can hover when you need to traverse greater distances.
Peashooter with Chicken Suit

Peashooter with Chicken Suit


This venus fly trap looking melee fighter packs a mean punch and has the ability to slow opponents. You need to get in close to do any damage with the Chomper but its ability to burrow and move underground makes getting close or escaping that little bit easier.

  • Role: Attack
  • Primary Weapon: Chomp (Melee)


  • Spikeweed: Spits out a green trap that momentarily stuns the unlucky bugger who steps in it. 
  • Burrow: Dive underground and tunnel your way around without being seen. Once you find yourself beneath an opponent you can jump up, surprise the daylights out of them, and put them out of their misery by promptly gobbling them up. Just makes sure you’re not surrounded by enemies when unburrowing as this ability will be interrupted if you should die before completing it.
  • Grody Goop: Excrete a cloud of toxins that will immobilize and disarm those caught in its choking vapors.
Fuzzy Finnigan Unlocked

Fuzzy Finnigan Unlocked


Quite possibly my favorite character for multiplayer as its abilities make it a mean vanquisher of enemy heroes. If you’re still getting used to the game, this would be my preferred character to play.

  • Role: Attack
  • Primary Weapon: Cob Busters


  • Butter Beacon: Toss a cube of butter at your enemies, weakening their defenses and revealing their location to you, even if they hide behind a wall.
  • Husk Hop: Transform into Lara Croft by volleying over your enemies and leaving a line of destruction in your wake.
  • Shuck Shot: Launch two cob missiles for some very big booms.
    Kernel Corn for the Win

    Kernel Corn for the Win


The Ninja of the Plants world. This stealthy assassin is highly mobile and can move undetected, making it ideal for taking out enemies with low health and getting the kill before they can escape. 

  • Role: Attack
  • Primary Weapon: Spore Strike


  • Casting Shadows: Create a shadow orb where you and your allies can hide from your enemies. Any enemy who moves inside your shadow will find itself a soft target as its movement is slowed immensely. 
  • Fung Fu: Just because the Night Cap is a stealthy character doesn’t mean it’s useless when facing multiple enemies. Fung Fu has you move so quickly, you’ll be invisible to the eye all while dealing great melee damage to all enemies in a small radius around your position.
  • Shadow Sneak: Go invisible and move undetected to get in close for that stealthy kill, or make a swift escape when the odds turn against you. 


A terrifying, high damage character wields an imposing flame thrower, albeit with limited range. The Snapdragon is fantastic for controlling an area when your enemies have to get in close and don’t have a reach advantage. 

  • Role: Attack
  • Primary Weapon: Flame Blower


  • Swoop Slam: Leap into the air and slam down for a burst of AoE damage. Also an effective way of getting up close to your enemies.
  • Blue Blazes: Useful when you simply can’t get close enough to use your primary weapon. This ability will also follow the closest enemy for guaranteed damage.
  • Blazing Trail: Take a deep breath and spit out a flaming wall of doom that burns for several seconds and can cause massive amounts of damage for those caught in the flames.
Z-Tech Factory

Z-Tech Factory


This sniper class warrior doesn’t have much in terms of defense but is a highly tactical unit that can kill from a vast distance. It may be one of the more difficult characters to learn but it can turn the tides of the battle when used effectively.

  • Role: Defend
  • Primary Weapon: Spike Strike (Long range)


  • Potato Mine: Plant a potato mine that will remain in place until an unlucky enemy treads too close. 
  • Petal Propeller: Launch yourself onto high platforms that could be unreachable to most characters so you can get a bird’s eye view of the battleground.
  • Garlic Drone: Launch a flying drone for some reconnaissance and sneak attacks while remaining out of sight. The Garlic Drone also comes with its own abilities.
    • Primary Weapon – Needle Shot
    • Big Bulb Barrage – Launch several explosive garlic bulbs that will decimate your enemies. 
Cactus Description - Plants Character Guide

Cactus Description


Citron provides a lot of defense while still being mobile enough to assist in difficult pushes. It can be highly effective on its own but its defensive abilities are best used to assist the group.

  • Role: Defend
  • Primary Weapon: Juice Cannon


  • E.M. Peach: The garden version of an electromagnetic pulse. This explosive blast won’t do any damage but it will stun enemies caught in its radius and deplete Z-Mech fuel used by certain Zombie heroes.
  • Spin Dash: When enemies get too close you can perform the Spin Dash which will damage all enemies in a line while also knocking them back.
  • Navel Laser: Focus your Juice Cannon to unleash a high precision and high damage attack.
Can't Win 'Em All - Plants Character Guide

Can’t Win ‘Em All


This duo of destruction is highly versatile and can fill a varying number of roles. The little Acorn is highly mobile and can move in and out quickly while the massive Oak might be slow, but can duke it out with the biggest and strongest of them.


  • Role: Defend
  • Primary Weapon: Shell Shot


  • Sap Trap: Launch an explosive device that will remain in place until you’re ready to detonate. Also causes knockback.
  • Invoke Oak: Become immobile for a few seconds while you transform into the hulking Oak. When in Oak form, up to 3 additional Acorns can jump on your head and use you like a mobile fortress.
  • Acorn Dash: When in trouble just use the Acorn Dash to quickly evade enemy attacks by dashing in the direction you choose.


  • Role: Defend
  • Primary Weapon: Wood Grief


  • Super Sap Trap: Like the Acorn’s Sap Trap, but Super.
  • Treeject: Shed your bark and transform back into your Acorn form.
  • Roll for Damage: Break off a giant log and roll it forward, knocking over your enemies like bowling pins.
Citron Giving Instructions

Citron Giving Instructions


Your average garden variety healer. Best used to support your teammates by providing healing and reviving fallen heroes. However, don’t mistake the Sunflower for a pushover as this bright and shiny character can certainly stand up for itself.

  • Role: Support
  • Primary Weapon: Sun Pulse


  • Sunny Side Up: Calls down a shower of sundrops into an area that works as health pickups for allied heroes.
  • Sunbeam: Root yourself in place and shoot a highly concentrated sunbeam that can deal great amounts of damage for a short time.
  • Heal Beam: Heal an allied hero and increase their max HP if they’re already at full health. 
Just Roaming Around Town - Plants Character Guide

Just Roaming Around Town


The majestic Rose may not have any healing abilities but provides a different type of support by boosting its allies’ speed and damage, and turning enemy heroes into goats. No team is complete without this beauty.

  • Role: Support
  • Primary Weapon: Magic Thistles


  • Jinx: Cast a curse on your enemies which lowers their defenses and causes them to take increased damage for a short time.
  • Arcane Enigma: Become temporarily invulnerable and cast a speed aura which increases the move and attack speed of all nearby allies. Also, a good way to make a quick escape.
  • Goatify: Summon a giant goat spell that charges ahead and turns any enemy units it touches into a goat. Goat enemies can still charge you and deal some pain, but during the transformation, no other abilities or attacks can be used.

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