My Friend Pedro Guide – 5 Tips to Get S Rank on Every Level

My Friend Pedro is packed to the brim with a chaotic mixture of blood, bullets, and bananas. But with our top five tips to achieve all S Ranks in My Friend Pedro, you’ll be able to navigate the hectic action with ease. You’ll learn how to take out every enemy and dodge every bullet with style, precision, and grace.
My Friend Pedro - How to Get S Rank on Every Level

My Friend Pedro Guide – 5 Tips to Get S Rank on Every Level


Devolver Digital strikes again with another beautiful and bloody indie thrill ride in My Friend Pedro. It may have only just launched, but the game is already making a name for itself, with widespread critical acclaim and massive sales. Yet it can also be a difficult game to get used to at first, with tons of action and different techniques to utilize. But if your situation starts to go bananas, then don’t worry. We’ve provided five tips for newcomers to the game, which will help you understand all the game’s mechanics, gun down your foes with beautiful accuracy, and get you on your way to achieving S Rank on every level.

My Friend Pedro - Full Throttle Trailer

1. Keep it stylish

The single most important thing to remember about My Friend Pedro is that style is everything. You could just take out every enemy in your path, but if you don’t do so with plenty of dramatic flair, you certainly won’t rack up the highest score. Your score for every kill is multiplied based on the style with which you execute your enemy. That’s why you’ll want to make sure you make every kill as flashy as you can.

There’s a plethora of ways to achieve this. For instance, you should take full advantage of backflips whenever possible. To do this, simply jump onto a wall, and press the jump button again while holding the control stick in the opposite direction. In some cases, you can even backflip off of certain enemies. You should try to shoot your foes while you’re mid-air after a backflip. This is easy to do with smart utilization of the “Focus” ability (more on that in the next section.)

My Friend Pedro Guide - 5 Tips to Get S Rank on Every Level - If this isn't a dramatic entrance, then I don't know what is

If this isn’t a dramatic entrance, then I don’t know what is

Another flashy technique to remember is the use of split-aiming to execute multiple foes at once. This is easy to do: just aim at an enemy, hold down the bottom left shoulder trigger on your controller, use the right stick to aim at another enemy, and fire away. Of course, this can be done mid-air as well, which will earn you even more points. It should be noted that this can only be done with dual-wielding weapons such as handguns; you won’t be able to do this with a shotgun or machine gun, for instance.

Beyond these two core options, there’s numerous other ways to be as flashy as possible. An additional useful move is your ability twirl in place like a dancer to avoid bullets by clicking the top left shoulder trigger. Performing this action in combination with other moves like backflipping, jumping, or shooting will earn you some high marks.

Making dramatic entrances, such as by jumping through windows or sniping enemies while zip-lining over them, will also do well. Using firearms to take out foes at long range while also kicking down your close-range enemies will furthermore earn higher scores. These are only the most common ways to be stylish in My Friend Pedro; there’s plenty of other ways that you’ll surely discover on your own throughout your time with the game. As long as you constantly think about how to do everything stylishly, however, you’ll be on the right track to reaching S rank in My Friend Pedro.

In situations like these, it's best to look before you leap

In situations like these, it’s best to look before you leap

2. Take it slow…

As you might have gathered from the previous section, My Friend Pedro is an extremely fast-paced game. There’s tons to keep track of at any moment, with dozens of bullets often flying at you at once. You may have learned how to make your kills extravagant in the previous section, but when you’re struggling just to understand what’s going on, it’s nearly impossible to implement these techniques.

Thankfully, you’re given the option to slow down time itself at any moment with the “Focus” ability. By default, this is triggered with a click of the left control stick and lasts for a limited time. Using this ability will allow you to take a deep breath and analyze your situation. It will give you time to dodge any incoming bullets, see where your enemies are, and determine how to deal with them. It will also allow you to decide how to finish your foes in the most stylish fashion, using some of the methods above. It’s an incredibly useful move, but it can be easy to forget about. You should make sure to take advantage of it whenever you need some extra time to pull off the most extravagant kills.

If you're in a motorcycle chase, you should probably go fast

If you’re in a motorcycle chase, you should probably go fast

3. …But not too slow

As helpful as the Focus ability really is, you won’t want to abuse it too much. That’s because your speed in completing each level is also factored into your score. This means that you should always focus on completing your levels as efficiently and quickly as possible. Of course, using Focus will often be required to execute your kills as flashily as possible, but by its very nature, it also slows you down. Thus, it should only be used when it’s absolutely necessary.

Another reason to keep up a swift pace in each level is maintaining your kill combo. Your score will be multiplied by the number of enemies you can kill in a row, so you’re incentivized to keep a combo going by defeating your foes in quick succession. You should balance your usage of Focus in these situations. It should be used whenever you need a little more time to execute your targets most efficiently, but no longer than that. You need to keep moving quickly.

In general, you’ll need to be swift in each level regardless of whether you use focus or not. Making smart usage of your rolls, twirls, and backflips will help you traverse areas more quickly. Also, using the split aiming ability (as outlined above) to take out multiple enemies at once will also help you clear levels faster. And as you’ll see in the next section, using the unique traits of your environments can help you find shortcuts that let you kill enemies even faster.

Don't try this at home, kids

Don’t try this at home, kids

4. Use the environment

One of the things that makes My Friend Pedro so enjoyable is how dynamic its environments are. Most of them feature unique gimmicks or objects that can be used in special ways. You may see some tables in the middle of the room; you can knock them on their side and use them for cover. There may be a frying pan on the floor; kick it in the air, shoot at it, and let the bullets ricochet into your enemies. Perhaps there’s a can of gas lying on the ground; throw it into a crowd of enemies, let them open fire, and watch the fireworks.

Nearly every room in the game has some sort of environmental quirk like these. Using such aspects to their full extent is key to getting the highest scores. They can be used to protect yourself, take out many enemies at once, or help you finish the level faster, all of which will earn you a higher rank. Every time you enter a new room, you’ll want to see what it offers in terms of unique combat possibilities. If you see a sign, shoot at it; if you find a table, kick it. The more creative you are in your environment, the more points you’ll earn, bringing you closer to that elusive S rank in My Friend Pedro.

Shooting at a frying pan in the air may not always go according to plan

Shooting at a frying pan in the air may not always go according to plan

5. Don’t expect perfection

My Friend Pedro is a game about trial and error. Memorizing the layout and gimmicks of every stage is key to finishing them quickly and stylishly. Obviously, this isn’t possible on your first playthrough, so don’t be frustrated if you initially end up getting lots of C ranks.

Thankfully, My Friend Pedro doesn’t even require a perfect run to earn an S rank. It’s possible to achieve a high rank even with a death or two. Avoiding enemy fire like the plague isn’t the only key to excelling in every level (although you should obviously try to avoid getting hit); instead, the goal is to be as flashy and inventive as possible in every area. The points you make through skillful gameplay will make up for any credit lost with a lost life.

The ultimate secret to achieving S rank on every level is persistence. Every death is an opportunity to learn. It may seem impossible at first, but if you take the time to remember level layouts, enemy placements, and level gimmicks, you’ll be on the right track. By focusing on being as quick, efficient, creative, and most importantly, stylish on every level, it won’t be long before you reach the top of the game’s online leaderboards with the best rankings. Of course, My Friend Pedro offers plenty of flexibility to allow you to tackle its obstacles, so don’t be afraid to experiment. However, with these five tips, you’ll be on the path to success.

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