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Maneater – 100% Complete Trophies & Achievements List

Embody the fierce power of a bull shark in the shaRkPG, Maneater. Take revenge on pesky humans and your fellow apex predators with our essential achievement list. Tripwire Interactive’s underwater adventure looks to be one of 2020’s outstanding role-playing experiences, and with our help, you’ll top the food chain in no time.

Maneater - 100% complete trophies & achievements list : Heading image

To help you achieve 100% in this unique RPG, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all  Maneater achievements. Our list includes everything you need to know about the game’s 32 achievements and how to unlock them. 

Keep in mind that some unlock requirements may include possible story spoilers; read at your discretion.

Maneater Trophies And Achievements List

Trophy/Achievement Title Unlock Requirement 
Ocean Terror  Reach Mega Growth 
Vengeance Is Mine Get Revenge 
Infamy Level 10 Reach infamy level 10
Wiser  Reach Elder Growth
New Breed Acquire 50% of available evolutions 
Science Experiment  Acquire 100% of available evolutions 
Queen of the Ocean Reach 100% objective completion in all regions 
The New Apex Predator  Destroy all apex predators  
Deep-Sea Explorer  Find all nutrient caches 
Tourist  Find all landmarks 
Garbage Collector  Find all license plates
On Your Own Reach adult growth 
Survive Again  Survived Again 
Infamy Level 1 Reach infamy level 1
Adaptation  Evolve for the first time
Growing Up Reach teen growth 
Learned To Swim  Complete the tutorial 
Survivor  Survive birth
Dominating the Bayou  Complete all objectives in Fawtick Bayou 
Queen of the Wasteland Complete all objectives in Dead Horse Lake
Tourist Terror Complete all objectives in Golden Shores 
Dropping Property Values Complete all objectives in Sapphire Bay 
Vacation From Hell Complete all objectives in Prosperity Sands 
Entertained to Death Complete all objectives in Caviar Key 
Ruler of the Deep Complete all objectives in The Gulf
Gator Meat  Kill the apex predator in Fawtick Bayou 
Delicious  Kill the apex predator in Dead Horse Lake
Shark on Shark Violence  Kill the apex predator in Golden Shores 
Pound It  Kill the apex predator in Sapphire Bay 
This Is My Movie Kill the apex predator in Prosperity Sands 
Tricks Didn’t Help Ya Kill the apex predator in Caviar Key 
I Thought You Were Tough  Kill the apex predator in The Gulf

Good Luck, Completionists! 

There you go! We hope this Maneater trophies and achievements list helps you towards the megalodon sized goal of 100% completion. Like any RPG, expect to spend some time grinding towards the end goal. If you’re still on the fence about Maneater, check out my opinion piece, explaining why this game should be on your radar.   

First 13 Minutes Of Maneater Gameplay

Maneater is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


  1. Do you have to do a certain mission before the ‘Ocean terror’ trophy pops? Cause I’m mega growth but I don’t have the trophy…

    • Same. I have them all except Ocean Terror. -But I DID reach Mega size.


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