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Maneater: Why This RPG Deserves Your Attention

Maneater is an upcoming RPG that explores what it is to be a man-eating bull shark. Explore the watery depths of the United States, eliminating apex predators and pesky shark hunters. This game needs to be on your radar and here’s why.

Maneater: Why This ShaRkPG Deserves You Attention

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the digital water, TripWire Interactive’s Maneater RPG is just about to drop. If you haven’t been paying attention to recent and upcoming releases, you may not be aware of Maneater. Developed by Tripwire Interactive, Maneater is a new sub-genre of RPG, poignantly called ShaRkPG by the developer. You play a shark, ripped (literally) from your mother’s womb. Marked by the evil fisherman who killed mommy shark, your only purpose in life is to take revenge on every creature in your way, including those yummy humans. I think that Maneater may be a surprise hit in a year where we desperately need some dumb fun. Here’s why it should be on your radar too. 

Jaws Unleashed

Who doesn't want to fight evil Sperm wales?

Who doesn’t want to fight evil Sperm whales?

Scaly Pete is a professional shark hunter, like his father before him. He’s taking part in a reality TV show called Maneaters Vs Sharkhunter that follows his daily mission to kill as many sharks as possible. Catching a bull shark that’s been devouring holidaymakers (your mom), Pete spears her and cut her open, finding a fledgeling baby shark. Being the evil man he is, he scars the pup so he can catch it later. Things don’t go entirely to plan, however. 

After leaving his mark, the shark responds by bitting of the lower half of his arm, then escaping over the side. From that point, the narrator of the show will be your guide to this underwater world, teaching you all you’ll need to survive and eventually seek revenge. The game is influenced by some of the best RPGs out there, like Deus Ex and Arkane Studio’s Dishonored, but also Jaws Unleashed. The 2005 game set thirty years after the first movie wasn’t received well critically, but was a real hit with gamers. Maneater is essentially a spiritual successor in this regard.  

Open Ocean 

Get your teeth into seven varied environments with plenty of fauna to eviscerate.

Get your teeth into seven varied environments with plenty of fauna to eviscerate.

Set in a rough amalgamation of the gulf of the United Staes, Maneater will feature seven watery environments for you to explore. Each area has a unique ecosystem with a variety of other creatures, including an apex predator who acts as a regional boss fight when you’ve grown big enough to face it. Enemies range from alligators to sperm whales, suggesting that you’ll grow to quite a size. It’s unknown whether the toothy protagonist will become a megalodon by the end of the game, but how cool would that be?

When not defending yourself from massive fish, you’ll be hunting for easy targets lurking near the beach or a riverbank. Humans waddling in the sea won’t know what hit them, but you’ll benefit from feasting in the shape of XP. You won’t have time to be complacent, however. The waterways are patrolled by shark hunters who’ll be tough to beat. Theses hunters also act as mini-bosses, with each region have its premiere shark hunter. Each of these hunters will have to be defeated to get a go at your eternal enemy, Scaly Pete. 

A Bite Out Of The Market 

Maneater looks to be one of the most entertaining games of 2020.

Maneater looks to be one of the most entertaining games of 2020.

Maneater deserves your attention because of its unique concept. Games that explore the world from the perspective of sea life don’t emerge often. Maneater, as an RPG offers a tried and true gameplay mechanics while exploring it in a new way. With most of the big yearly gaming conferences cancelled or postponed, it’s crucial to highlight games that try new spins on old ideas. The buzz around Tripwire’s shaRkPG is gaining traction, and rightfully so.  

Does stalking the waterways of the coastal United States as an upgradable bull shark sound like your tub of tea? If so, you don’t have long to wait; Maneater release May 22nd for PS4, Xbox One and PC. A Nintendo Switch port is also coming later this year. Are you as excited for Maneater as we are? Share your thoughts down below. 

First 13 Minutes Of Maneater Gameplay

The game can currently be pre-ordered on Xbox One and Epic Games Store.

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