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Blasphemous Complete Trophy and Achievements List

With the first free DLC for Blasphemous on the way next week, we thought it was about time everyone tried to get the platinum for this incredible game. Here we've covered every single trophy there is to collect in the game. The good news is that you can collect them all in just two playthroughs. The bad news is that this is a really hard game and you will lose part of your soul in the process.

Blasphemous Complete Trophy and Achievement List Cover

Blasphemous is an incredible game from the people at The Game Kitchen, published by Team 17. It’s a metroidvania that borrows heavily from Dark Souls, and ends up providing you with an incredibly satisfying gameplay loop. You must push back against boss after boss until you finally crack that nut. Then you’ve got to do it all again when you encounter the next one. The game’s world is also incredible, and one that I’d say everyone needs to explore. With the game’s first free DLC dropping in August, The Stir of Dawn, we thought it was time we put up a Blasphemous trophy and achievement list. I’ve been reliably informed that you should be able to get all of these trophies in just two playthroughs.

The Penitent OneUnlock all of the TrophiesPlatinum
The Long Path AheadBeat the Warden of the Silent SorrowBronze
No MercyBeat Ten PiedadBronze
Face OffBeat the Our Lady of the Charred VisageBronze
Dance of the MacarbreBeat the Tres AugustiasBronze
The BrotherBeat Edras, The Annointed LegionBronze
The Bejeweled SaintBeat Melquíades, The Exhumed ArchbishopBronze
Blind InnocenceBeat Exposito, Scion of AbjurationBronze
Ashes to AshesBeat Quirce of the Eternal PyreBronze
Faith-OffBeat Crisanta of the Anointed BladeBronze
Summa BlasphemiaBeat His Holiness EscribarBronze
Last WordsTalk with all the CorpsesBronze
Detestatio SacrorumBeat all the Arena ChallenegesBronze
Firm DevotionGet all PrayersBronze
Skin and BonesGet all RelicesBronze
Mysteria LucisGet all Rosary BeadsBronze
Warden of the OssuaryGet all Collectibles Bronze
Heart and SlashGet all Sword HeartsBronze
Cvstodia’s PilgrimDiscover all ZonesBronze
Six Stinging PainsAchieve the Maximum Value of HealthBronze
Baptism of FaithAchieve the Maximum Value of FervorBronze
Mea CulpaAchieve the Maximum Level of the Mea Culpa SwordBronze
Fountain of LifeAchieve the Maximum Value of FlasksBronze
EngraciaAchieve the Maximum Value of Rosary BeadsBronze
InquisitionExecute 5 Different EnemiesBronze
Power UnleashedUse the Righteous Riposte 5 TimesBronze
The Desire of the CorruptedVisit the Tomb of the Lady of the Tailed Gown Bronze
True ShrineBring all the Offerings to LvdovicoBronze
Last BreathWitness the Last Moments of ViridianaBronze
Ultreia Et SuseiaHelp the Pilgrim Reach His Final DestinationBronze
In the Name of the High WillsBring all the Offerings to The Blessed Lord of Salty ShoresBronze
Flea MarketBuy all the items of the Candelaria shopsBronze
Warm and SoftHatch the Egg of AltasgraciasBronze
Path of the UnworthyUnlock Ending BSilver
The Bull and The MoonRelease All CherubsSilver
RebirthHelp Cleofás in his path of RedemptionSilver
Mediterranean DietSave all the Kissers of WoundsSilver
The SisterBeat PerpetuaSilver
BestiaryBeat all Types of EnemiesSilver
Blood and TearsBuy all Skills from the Mea Culpa ShrinesSilver
The Number of the BeastsKill 666 EnemiesSilver
Crossing SoulsProvoke the meeting between Redento and CleofásSilver
Bronze MedalCross the Bronze Door on the Bridge of the Three Calvaries in Less Than 3 HoursSilver
Path of the BelieverUnlock Ending AGold
Requiem AeternamBeat all Bosses Without Flask ConsumptionGold
Witness The MiracleGet 100% in the GameGold

Too tough to take on?

At the time of writing, 12.77 percent of all players have the platinum trophy in Blasphemous. That makes this a rare trophy, instead of an ultra rare, which would look insane. To me, this says that getting every single Blasphemous trophy and achievement isn’t the most difficult thing in the world. In fact, I’d say that it’s a nice challenge to take on. With the PlayStation 5 coming out soon, this platinum is likely to stay rare, making it look much more impressive in your collection. There’s also the fact that The Stir of Dawn may add a new Blasphemous trophy and achievement category into the mix. While it’ll still be the same amount of work to get the platinum, you’ll have to work much harder to get 100 percent completion. 

Blasphemous The Stir of Dawn • Free DLC Trailer • PS4 Xbox One Switch PC

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