9 Fire Emblem Heroes Tips and Tricks

This game guide includes numerous Fire Emblem Heroes tips. Have you just added Fire Emblem Heroes to your mobile phone or tablet? If so, check out some of the tips and tricks for Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game in the article below.

9 Fire Emblem Heroes Tips and Tricks

Fire Emblem is a Nintendo game series that dates back to the early 1990s. Fire Emblem Heroes is the freemium mobile spin-off for that series you can play on Android and iOS devices. The mobile FEH game is an engrossing tactical RPG in which players play through a series of turn-based battles with teams of heroes. Here are a few Fire Emblem Heroes tips and tricks to help you through the game.

1. Save a good supply of Orbs for reviving heroes

You’ll need to invest some of your Orbs in summoning heroes for your teams. However, don’t get too carried away with summoning heroes. You probably won’t need many more than 10 heroes to get you through the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes - Trailer

Summoning more heroes than you need will waste Orbs that you can utilize for reviving heroes in battles. It costs one Orb to revive all heroes, which can be an invaluable option for getting you past tougher encounters. So, make sure you preserve a good supply of Orbs to revive your heroes with.

2. Summon heroes in bulk

To save orbs when summoning heroes, make sure you summon them in bulk. One hero summoned on its own costs five Orbs. However, you can summon five heroes in a row. When you do so, the first hero will cost five Orbs, the second four, the third four, the fourth four, and the fifth three. If you select to stop summoning heroes, however, the Orb requirements get reset to five. Therefore, you can save up to five Orbs by summoning multiple heroes at once.

The hero-summoning screen

The hero-summoning screen

3. Hold down your finger on enemies you’re about to attack

If you want to see the outcome of any hero skirmish before you actually attack, don’t release your finger too soon when dragging a hero onto a target. Instead, drag your hero onto a target and then keep your finger held down on your mobile device. Then you’ll see a skirmish preview that shows you how much damage your hero will do and how many hit points the character will lose in skirmish as in the snapshot below.

The attack preview

The attack preview

4. Level up Your Heroes at the Training Tower

When you’ve summoned some new heroes, don’t deploy them for story battles when they’re only at level one. Level one heroes won’t be very effective when they’re going up against level twenty ones in the story campaign. The best way to get new heroes up to scratch is to play out some battles at the Training Tower. There you can select to play against low and higher-level teams to level up your heroes without playing the main story campaign.

5. Link to your Nintendo account for an orb bonus

You can get 10 orbs by linking Fire Emblem Heroes with your Nintendo account. To do so, tap the Menu title screen button. Tap Account Management and select the Link to Nintendo Account option. Thereafter, a browser will open at the Nintendo Account website where you’ll need to sign in. Then select the Use this account option and Yes to confirm to link FEH with the Nintendo account.

The Miscellaneous menu

The Miscellaneous menu

6. Upgrade your castle

When you first start playing Fire Emblem Heroes, you’ll only have a basic castle for your heroes. However, you can invest your orbs in five castle upgrades that will boost the rate at which your heroes level up. All five upgrades will set you back 26 orbs and give your heroes a 100 percent experience boost from battles. Upgrade your castle ASAP as your heroes will level up twice as fast with the best Royal Castle.

7. Set up teams that include two heroes of the same color

Fire Emblem Heroes has a relatively simple weapon triangle that gives certain weapons an advantage against others. Swords (red heroes) beat axes (green heroes), axes beat the lances (blue heroes), and lances have an advantage against swords. A hero with an advantage against another weapon will do 20 percent more damage.

The Main Story screen

The Main Story screen

With that weapon triangle in mind, set up some teams to counter enemy squads that have two or more of the same color. You’ll often go up against teams of four with two heroes with the same weapon color, and occasionally teams with three weapons of the same color. So, set up three teams that include a couple of heroes of the same colors that you can select to fight battles against enemy squads with two weapons of the same type they’ll have an advantage against.

8. Don’t move into the danger zone on your first turn

Ideally, you’ll get the first attacks in during a Fire Emblem Heroes battle. However, enemies will often be out of your attack range on your opening turn. Therefore, it’s better not to move into the Danger Area on your first turn (unless you can get an attack in).

The Danger Area button

The Danger Area button

Tap the Danger Area button to see what areas of the map your heroes can get attacked in at the beginning of a match. Move your heroes as close to the enemies as you can on your first turn without entering the Danger Area. Hopefully, some enemies will move within your attack range during their first turn. Then you’ll be able to strike at some of their heroes on your second turn.

If, however, the enemy heroes still don’t move within your attack range, you might have no choice but to move heroes into the Danger Area without getting the first attacks in. Under such circumstances, move the hero in your team with the highest defense (DEF) and resistant (RES) stats into the Danger Area first. The hero in your team with the best defense and resistance is the most likely one to survive early attacks. Then you can attack with supporting heroes after enemy heroes have moved within range.

9. Check out your heroes’ ratings

To get a clear picture of exactly who your best and worst heroes are, tap the Sort button on the Edit Teams screen. Then select the Rating option on the sort order menu. That will show your numerical ratings for all your heroes as in the shot directly below. Your best heroes are the ones with the highest ratings, but bear in mind that also depends a lot on their levels. However, this sorting option provides a good way to compare heroes of the same or relatively close levels.

Hero ratings

Hero ratings

The above Fire Emblem Heroes tips might get you through the game more quickly. Now go forth and give the Emblian Empire a good hiding!

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