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9 BioShock Tips for Surviving in Rapture

This page includes nine BioShock tips and hints to assist your survival in Rapture. Is Andrew Ryan’s army of Slicers getting on top of you in the city of Rapture? If so, maybe the collection of BioShock tips in this game guide will be of some help.

9 BioShock Tips for Surviving in Rapture

BioShock is a classic first-person shoot-em-up that 2K rereleased in 2016 with a revamped BioShock Remastered game for Windows 10. 2K released the original game in 2007, which is now celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2022. The underwater city of Rapture is every bit as scary in BioShock Remastered as it was in the original. To survive against Ryan’s hordes of Splicers, you’ll need to make the most of all the Plasmid genetic enhancements and other weaponry at your disposal. Here are some BioShock tips to help you conquer the game.

Thoroughly Explore Rapture

There’s no shortage of freely available first aid kids, weapon ammunition, and EVE Hypos scattered throughout Rapture. Take the time to thoroughly search most rooms and areas within the city to pick up as many supplies as you can carry. Some supplies hidden away in cabinets, desks, boxes, and under stairs aren’t always immediately visible. So, search carefully and thoroughly to find more supplies.

Bioshock Remastered | 15th Anniversary Trailer

Combat Big Daddies With Electrical and Grenade Launcher Arsenal

Big Daddies are the most formidable of enemies in Rapture. Yet, you’ve got to kill at least some of those diving suit juggernauts to accumulate ADAM from the Little Sisters they protect. It will be very tough to survive in Rapture without any ADAM for Jack’s genetic enhancements.

Electrical weaponry works well against Big Baddies. Use your Electro Bolt Plasmid to stun and keep the Big Daddies at bay. The Chemical Thrower’s Electric gel is one of the most effective weapons to utilize against them. Electro Buck Shotgun shells will also do a lot of damage against Big Daddies.

A Big Daddy

A Big Daddy

Save your explosive Grenade Launcher arsenal for Big Daddies. Firing pot loads of grenades at Big Daddies will kill them pretty quick. Proximity Mines and RPGs also inflict large amounts of damage on Big Daddies.

Keep Yourself Well Stocked With EVE Hypos

EVE Hypos for sale

EVE Hypos for sale

As Plasmids are pretty damn important to your survival in Rapture, make sure you keep yourself well stocked with EVE Hypos for them. Sure, you can still fire your guns without them; but Plasmids make life much easier in Rapture. So, purchase plenty of Hypos at vending machines to ensure you don’t run short of EVE.

Rescue Little Sisters for Goodie Packs and a Better Ending

Little Sisters are your ADAM source in Rapture. You can choose to either harvest or rescue them for 160 or 80 ADAM. Although harvesting provides more ADAM, you’ll get a teddy gift package from Tenenbaum for every three rescued Little Sisters. Those gift packs give you 200 ADAM, ammunition, hypos, tonics, first aid kits, and other useful supplies.

A Little Sister

A Little Sister

However, the most important reason to rescue the Little Sisters is to get the game’s good (happier) alternative ending. You must rescue all of the 21 Little Sisters to see the better of the two endings. If you rescue most, but not all, of them, you’ll still get a bad ending.

Equip Hacker’s Delight

Hacker’s Delight is an invaluable gene tonic with which to equip Jack. That tonic restores a little bit of health and EVE whenever you hack devices. As it’s relatively straightforward to hack vending machines and security devices throughout the game, you can get regular free refills of EVE and health from Hacker’s Delight. So, Hacker’s Delight is a recommended tonic to obtain and equip ASAP.

Hacker's Delight 3

Hacker’s Delight 3

Hack Security Bots and Cameras

Security Bots and cameras that alert them are prevalent throughout Rapture. They can inflict lots of damage to both you and Slicers. Hacking Security Bots and cameras to turn them against Slicers will help you out a lot throughout Bioshock. When they’re on your side, you can lure Slicers that pursue you toward hacked Security Bots and cameras. The hacked Security Bots will usually make relatively light work of most Slicers that cross their paths.

Yes, you can also turn security devices against Slicers with the Security Bullseye. However, that Plasmid only has a temporary effect. Security Bots will kill more foes for you when permanently hacked.

The hacking minigame

The hacking minigame

Invent Some Automatic Hack Tools

Automatic Hack Tool is a handy item to assemble at U-Invent machines. That item automatically hacks everything and anything. It’s useful to have some Automatic Hack Tools available for hacking safes and number locks, which can be tricky to manually hack. Inventing some Automatic Hack Tools could save you quite a bit of health from failed hacking.

Upgrade a Weapon in Sander Cohen’s Private Chambers

You’ll meet up with the artist Sander Cohen in Rapture during your pursuit of Ryan. Spare Cohen when you first get a chance to kill him for the sake of picking up his box key (there’s nothing especially special in the box). If you don’t kill him the first time you meet up, you’ll get another chance to do so again later in the game. Then you can kill Sander to gain access to his private chamber, which includes a Weapon Upgrade Station. That Weapon Upgrade Station won’t be accessible if you eliminate him in Fort Frolic.

Shatter Enemies With Winter Blast

Winter Blast is a potent Plasmid to have up your sleeve in Rapture. You can easily kill off many Slicers by freezing and then shattering them. It is a most effective Plasmid when used in combination with high-damage weapons like Shotgun or Crossbow. One or two precise Shotgun or Crossbow headshots will quickly shatter most frozen Slicers. Combine Winter Blast with the Shotgun first and then the Crossbow when you obtain that weapon later in the game.

The Winter Blast plasmid

The Winter Blast plasmid

Those BioShock tips will give you a fighting chance of defeating Andrew Ryan (and other foes) in Rapture. Now go and give Mr. Ryan a good spanking (preferably with golf clubs). Have fun and enjoy the wonderful underwater world of Rapture.

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