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7 BioShock 2 Tips for Conquering the Game

This guide includes several BioShock 2 tips to assist you on your adventure to save Elanor Lamb. Rapture is full of deadly Splicers and Big Daddies you’ll have to fend off to conquer the game. Check out the BioShock 2 tips below to get ahead of the game.

7 BioShock 2 Tips for Conquering the GameBioShock 2 is a classic game rereleased as Bioshock 2 Remastered in 2016. Surviving in Rapture is just as tough in the second installment of the BioShock series as in the first. Sofia Lamb has an even more formidable army of Slicers than Andrew Ryan for you to battle it out with throughout Rapture. To save Elanor, you’re going to need to make the most of your ADAM and weaponry. These BioShock 2 tips will help you finish the game.

Thoroughly Search Rapture for Goodies

EVE Hypos, first aid kits, ammunition, dollars, and other health replenishment items are scattered all around Rapture. You can pick up goodies from corpses, filing cabinets, table draws, hidden safes, crates, and barrels. So, you’ll miss out on many goodies if you don’t thoroughly search Rapture’s many nooks and crannies.

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There are 26 hidden gene tonics scattered throughout Rapture’s different levels. Such tonics can often be found in rooms and areas that aren’t on objectives’ paths. So, it’s worth setting aside some time to check outside rooms and areas you don’t need to pass through to complete objectives.

A gene tonic

A gene tonic

BioShock 2 also has five sea slugs that each give you 10 ADAM. Those sea slugs can be found on the ocean floor during those parts of the game Delta wonders beyond Rapture. You’ll need to have a good look around the ocean floor areas to find them all.

Hack, Hack, and Hack Again

BioShock 2 has a more straightforward hacking system than the first game that you should exploit to the fullest. It’s generally easier and more rewarding to hack vending machines and security bots in BioShock 2 than in the first game. Aside from reduced purchase costs, every machine hacked with the blue bonus will give you a free item. You’ll save a lot of dollars by getting into the hacking habit.

Hacking a health station

Hacking a health station

It’s even more crucial to hack security cameras and bots to survive in Rapture. There are security cameras and bots all over the place, and turning them all against slicers through hacking will make your life considerably easier in Rapture. Splicers frequently respawn, and they’ll often alert hacked bots that will take care of them for you.

So, don’t be afraid to hack, hack, hack in BioShock 2. You may occasionally lose some health from failed hacks, but that matters little with so many health replenishment items lying around. To make hacking even easier, equip the Care Hacker, Hurried Hacker, Quik-Hack, and EZ-Hacker gene tonics. Then you’ll be hacking to your heart’s content!

Lure Big Sisters Into Hacked Cameras and Bots

Big Sisters are a big menace in BioShock 2 you’ve got to deal with them whenever they confront you. You can’t avert fighting them since they’ll always pursue you wherever you go. If you’ve hacked all, or at least most, security bots as advised in the previous BioShock 2 tip, you can use them to your advantage against Big Sisters.

A slain Big Sister

A slain Big Sister

When a Big Sister comes out to play, move to an area where you’ve hacked a security camera or bot. Then the Big Sister will follow you and come under attack from the bots you’ve hacked, which makes it easier to kill it. Protect your ally bots by keeping the sisters still with the Winter Freeze and Electro Bolt plasmids.

Get Snapping With the Research Camera

BioShock 2’s research camera provides all kinds of invaluable bonuses – but only if you use it often and regularly. Many of the camera’s research bonuses increase damage against enemies, which ultimately makes it easier to kill them. You can also get up to nine gene tonics from all the maximum level four research bonuses.

So, whip out that camera throughout the game to take plenty of splicer snapshots before killing enemies. The best time to do so is when slicers haven’t noticed you. Freezing enemies with Winter Freeze will also buy some time to take photos.

Camera research bonuses

Camera research bonuses

Place Mini-Turrets, Mines, and Trap Rivets Around ADAM Corpses

ADAM is the most crucial substance in BioShock 2. It will be hard to conquer the game without a good amount of ADAM for plasmid and gene tonic upgrades. Regularly gathering it from ADAM corpses with Little Sisters will considerably boost your supply.

However, protecting Little Sisters from the hordes of Splicers that attack during their ADAM collecting is one of the trickier things in BioShock 2. You can’t afford to get killed that often when doing so since you’ll have to try all over again with depleted supplies. Make sure you’re well-equipped to protect Little Sisters with plenty of first aid kits, ammunition, and EVE. It’s also a good idea to save the game before you start the gathering, so you can return to the saved point to try again without depleted supplies if you get killed.

An ADAM corpse

An ADAM corpse

Placing Mini-Turrets, Proximity Mines, and Trap Rivets around ADAM corpses can also help a lot in protecting Little Sisters. Place Mini-Turrets, Trap Rivets, and Proximity Mines in areas around corpses where slicers will likely have to move through to attack. A good number of Mini-Turrets and Trap Rivets will kill a lot of Splicers for you when Little Sisters collect ADAM.

Rescue All Little Sisters to Get the Good Ending

BioShock 3 has alternative good, neutral, and bad endings that primarily depend on how many Little Sisters you rescue. If you want to see the most positive ending, you’ll need to rescue all the Little Sisters. You’ll see a neutral ending if you rescue and harvest Little Sisters relatively equally. Harvesting all the sisters will net you more ADAM, which makes the game easier to conquer, but you’ll see the worst of the endings.

You’ll also receive three teddy bear gifts for every four Little Sisters rescued. Those give you three gene tonics and a total of 300 ADAM combined. You’ll receive 2880 ADAM from harvesting and gathering with all adopted Little Sisters compared to 2790 for rescuing. That amounts to only a 90 ADAM difference.

A Little Sister

A Little Sister

The Proud Parent gene tonic awarded from the first teddy bear gift pack is a good one. That gene tonic increases the amount of ADAM received for gathering from 40 to 60. Equipping that tonic after rescuing the first four sisters will make up for the ADAM lost from saving them. To get the maximum amount of ADAM, you should rescue the first four sisters to equip Proud Parent and harvest the rest for a neutral ending.

Save Your Heavy Ammunition for the Toughest Foes

Most of the guns in BioShock 2 have standard and less common stronger ammunition types. Save most of the best ammunition you have for the toughest foes in the game, such as Big Sisters, Big Daddies, and Brutes. You’ll be able to take them down easier when you’ve got plenty of armor-piercing rounds, heavy rivets, and phosphorus shotgun shells. Save all your more explosive grenades and rockets for the big boys.

A Big Daddy

A Big Daddy

You’ll survive better in Rapture by sticking to those BioShock 2 tips. Now it’s time for you to save Elanor and teach Sofia a lesson. Good luck, and have fun in Rapture.

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